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Your research is wrong. Here, have a graph of the right data, says Qualtrics

by May 15, 2012


Adding Results from Paper Versions To Your Course Eval Data

by May 3, 2012

So, if you need to have participants complete paper versions of your course evaluations (for whatever reasons), you can easily set it up so that someone can enter that data directly into the surveys. Here’s what you can do: create a panel with whatever columns you used in your Read more »

Course Evaluations in Qualtrics – Various Methods

by May 2, 2012

There are several ways of doing online course evaluations in Qualtrics: Just add a question or two asking respondents to list their course/instructor. Use Panels (and possibly) Samples feature to distribute your evals to only those actually enrolled in the course. Create multiple evals (one for each course). Read more »

Include Extra Data with Surveys – Even Without Using Panels


To include extra data with your survey (just a couple of fields tied to each survey) without using Panels and Embedded Data, just add the fields and data onto the end of your Anonymous Survey Link (after adding an “&”). Then add a new Embedded Data element to your Survey Read more »