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Add to Calendar – Email Triggers

by June 30, 2016
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By Jeff Nichols and Scott Claybrook When using Qualtrics as a registration form, we wanted to find a way to let respondents add events to their calendars. We use Email Triggers to generate an email after the form was submitted. The Trigger was a condition based on the answer Read more »

Custom Validation – Limit Number of Multiple Answer Choices Selected

by June 28, 2016

How do you create a multiple choice question, allow multiple answers, but limit the number of choices a user can make? Qualtrics uses a functionality called Custom Validation.  Once you have set up your multiple choice question and have selected the option for multiple answers, click on custom validation which Read more »

Use Word Count as Validation

by May 20, 2016

There is a very simple way to use the number of words in a text box as Custom Validation. In order to do this, you simply add Custom Validation to “Match Regex” and the regular expression pattern to match is ^\s*(\S+\s+){0,249}\S*$ (change the “0” to the minimum number of words to Read more »

Using Email and Panel Triggers in your Survey

by June 11, 2013
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In the Religion Department, we utilize a simple Qualtrics Survey to collect information about the students who are interested in becoming a Religion Major or Minor.  This information is initially input into the survey by our administrative assistant. Once she has completed the initial survey, the submit button is clicked. Read more »

Introduction to Qualtrics Video

by March 20, 2013

Here is a link to a short 5 minute video we created to provides a general introduction to using Qualtrics.

File Upload Question Type

by January 31, 2013

Our campus license now also provides access to the File Upload question type. This allows respondents to upload files up to 16MB in size. The files can then be downloaded from the View Results section in several different ways: In the Reports, the files can be downloaded individually or Read more »

Adding Results from Paper Versions To Your Course Eval Data

by May 3, 2012

So, if you need to have participants complete paper versions of your course evaluations (for whatever reasons), you can easily set it up so that someone can enter that data directly into the surveys. Here’s what you can do: create a panel with whatever columns you used in your Read more »

Course Evaluations in Qualtrics – Various Methods

by May 2, 2012

There are several ways of doing online course evaluations in Qualtrics: Just add a question or two asking respondents to list their course/instructor. Use Panels (and possibly) Samples feature to distribute your evals to only those actually enrolled in the course. Create multiple evals (one for each course). Read more »