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FROM Address in Distribution Tab

by February 9, 2016

We have made a change to the “FROM ADDRESS” field in the Distribution tab. This will make the distribution of Qualtrics surveys work much more effectively since the emails will now appear to come from a WFU address. They are not actually coming from a WFU server, but through the Read more »

New Feature in Qualtrics – Duplicate Emails

by November 16, 2015

We have been seeing this show up recently as a new column in the Email History section of Distribution and didn’t really find any documentation for it, so I emailed Qualtrics Support and they sent me the following details on this new feature: You are correct, we have now implemented Read more »

How Qualtrics Turned Students Into Evangelists in the Corporate World

by January 31, 2013


Your research is wrong. Here, have a graph of the right data, says Qualtrics

by May 15, 2012


Qualtrics Available to Campus!

by March 7, 2012

The Reynolda Campus has purchased a campus license for Qualtrics. Single Sign-On has also been enabled. All that’s needed to create a new account is to go to http://qualtrics.wfu.edu and login. You must also always use http://qualtrics.wfu.edu to login. You cannot login from www.qualtrics.com.