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by on June 30, 2016

By Jeff Nichols and Scott Claybrook

When using Qualtrics as a registration form, we wanted to find a way to let respondents add events to their calendars.

Add event REV

We use Email Triggers to generate an email after the form was submitted. The Trigger was a condition based on the answer to the survey question asking them to pick their session. For this example assume our Qualtrics registration form has a question like this:



For Google calendars:

1. Create an event calendar and make it publicly viewable

  • Log into your Google calendar
  • Go to My calendars > Create new calendar (to the left of the main calendar)
  • Fill out a name. In the example below, the calendar is named Demo.
  • Check the boxes for Share this calendar with others and Make this calendar public
  • The drop down boxes should indicate See all event details
  • Click the Create Calendar button

Create Calendar REV2. Create an event

  • Click the Create button
  • Add a new event for the first date to the calendar you just created. Save the event with all the necessary details – name, dates, place, notes, etc.
  • Re-open the saved event and click the blue Publish event link at the very bottom.

Publish Event

  • There will be 2 boxes of code.  The upper box of code will provide the Google Calendar image that will serve as a clickable button in your email.  This is the code that you will want to copy and paste. Code
  • Paste that code into the body of your Trigger email in Qualtrics utilizing the Source Section.


The trigger will need to be created and saved with the condition so that the selected choice for the given date. Be sure to give each trigger a unique name. You will need to know which one is which later.

  • Repeat steps 2-5 for Date 2.
  • Provide a Trigger response for “I cannot attend” if necessary.

For .ics files (Outlook, iCal, and other calendar tools)

If you want users of other calendar tools beside google to have a way to add events to their calendars, you will need one of the other tools.

For this example, I’m going to use Outlook.

  • Open Outlook and go to the calendar
  • Create a New Appointment for Date 1 with the appropriate information and Save it.
  • Reopen the event from the calendar and save it locally as a .ics file
  • Double click the saved event
    • File > Save As
    • Give it a specific name, make sure the Save As Type is iCalendar Format (*.ics), and save it to a known location like your desktop
    • Go into your Qualtrics Survey > Library > Files Library and click Upload a New File.

Save AS

  • Select the .ics file from your desktop (or wherever you saved it in step 3c) and upload it.
  • Repeat Part II, steps 1-5 for Date 2 and any other choices.
  • When you create your Trigger email message in Qualtrics, use the Add File button and select the appropriate .ics file that you uploaded to your Qualtrics File Library. This adds a text hyperlink to the body of the email that users can click, download, and add to their Outlook or other, non-google calendar tool.




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