Duplicate Emails?

by on May 13, 2016

On some occasions you may want to send out the same survey to the same person multiple times using Qualtrics’ email system.  What you may find is that after the first email has been distributed, subsequent emails will fail.  Qualtrics sees the additional emails and classifies them a duplicate because the email addresses are the same.  This is a system setting within Qualtrics as a means to prevent spamming and cannot be change.  There are a few methods at you disposal to circumvent this setting.

  1.  Adding a  “+1” after the username before the @ in the email – for example nicholjm+1@wfu.edu.  The next time you use the same email address, use a “+2” and so on.  Qualtrics thinks they are different email addresses and sends them on and Gmail will deliver the email to the same address each time – nicholjm@wfu.edu.
  2. Capitalizing the letters in the username will also work.
  3. Adding embedded data to the Subject or Email Message will also work.  However,  you have to have different information for the embedded data field for each instance. This works great when sending out evaluations because you can utilize the Course Section Id information to distinguish between duplicate emails.

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