Using Email and Panel Triggers in your Survey

by on June 11, 2013

In the Religion Department, we utilize a simple Qualtrics Survey to collect information about the students who are interested in becoming a Religion Major or Minor.  This information is initially input into the survey by our administrative assistant. Once she has completed the initial survey, the submit button is clicked.  By clicking the submit button, 3 triggers are immediately activated.

  • Email Trigger – The data collected by the Administrative Assistant is sent in an email to the Chair and Assistant Chair alerting them that a student has decided on becoming a Religion Major or Minor.

  • Email Trigger – The student who became a Religion Major or Minor is sent an email with a corresponding link to another survey that we require them to take.  This survey is meant delve deeper into their reasoning for becoming selecting this major or minor.

  • Panel Trigger – The students’ information is now assembled into a new Panel – distribution list.  Creating a panel allows us the ability to correspond with them for future surveys, download their email data into group for Google Mail, etc….

How to set up triggers in your survey

  1. As you are creating your survey, click on the Advanced Options button on the right hand side.

  2. A drop down menu will materialize and you will select the TRIGGERS option and then the corresponding Trigger type that you would like to occur (note that multiple triggers may take place on a given survey).


  1. Email Trigger – If this option is selected, and email template will appear.  By using the defaults, an email containing the results of the survey will be generated and sent to whomever’s email address is located in the To Email Address.

    1. By Adding a Condition, an email with the results can be sent based on an answer to a particular question, embedded data contained in the panel, or a quota met.  You may also set up multiple conditions.

    2. The email can be sent to multiple email addresses by placing a comma after each email address.


  1. Panel Triggers – By selecting this trigger, once this participant completes the survey, he/she is added to a panel of your choosing.  There are certain aspects that must be addressed in order for the correct information to be collected from your trigger.

    • Example 1 – You are collecting names and email addresses for a new panel, you will need to make sure that there are questions in your survey that ask for this information and that you have changed the corresponding fields in the trigger as well – see below.


  • Example 2 – You may be sending out a survey using a Panel you have already created.  Using the Panel Trigger, you can create an entirely new Panel based on a Condition set – an answer to a question in the survey.
    Will you be able to attend the conference on June 26th?  By selecting the answer YES – their information will be added to the new panel.  An answer of NO – will not add their information to the new panel.
    1. Capture2

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