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by on February 9, 2016

We have made a change to the “FROM ADDRESS” field in the Distribution tab. This will make the distribution of Qualtrics surveys work much more effectively since the emails will now appear to come from a WFU address. They are not actually coming from a WFU server, but through the use of an SPF record on our domain configuration, it appears as though the emails are coming from a WFU address. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind regarding this change:

  • the default From Address field in the Email Survey option under the Distribution tab now shows “****PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS FIELD – IT WILL ADVERSELY AFFECT YOUR DISTRIBUTION****
  • as always, the From Name field and the Repy-To Email field can be set to anything you’d like
This was done in an effort to curb the possibility of Qualtrics survey invitations being caught by spam filters. Although Qualtrics makes extraordinary efforts to keep themselves whitelisted, it still happens occasionally and this should help.
This isThe above email address (and the above sub-domain) are unable to receive incoming emails so please do not use any variation of that sub-domain as a Reply-To Email in your distributions.
Please contact your Qualtrics Brand Administrators (Richard King or Jeff Nichols) if you have any questions.

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