New Feature in Qualtrics – Duplicate Emails

by on November 16, 2015

We have been seeing this show up recently as a new column in the Email History section of Distribution and didn’t really find any documentation for it, so I emailed Qualtrics Support and they sent me the following details on this new feature:

You are correct, we have now implemented a new circuit breaker feature to increase our email deliverability. 

Our system will now scan emails and if duplicate, identical messages are getting sent to the same email address, the duplicate emails will be screened out after the initial email sends. This is what you are noticing in the distribution.
However, if you are interested in still sending emails that are the same, there are ways of getting around this. The work arounds and they are super easy. Basically, the system is scanning for identical emails. This means that you can get around this pretty easily. Some possible options include:
1) Piping in a unique field from the panel into the message of the email.
 ex. Lets say you are Elementary school principal who wants each teacher to evaluate all of their students. Ms. Goullet has 20 3rd graders and she needs to evaluate all 20 of them.  You to the panel 20 times. Into the message itself you pipe in the student’s First and Last Name . The emails will send out great! 
-You could also pipe in random numbers from the panel into a hidden part of the message 
2) Using Gmail to Modify the email addresses.
ex. You are testing the survey by adding yourself to the panel 15 times. You use Gmail. Modify the address to;
3) Capitalize different letters. The Qualtrics Mailer does not quite understand capitalization.
ex.,, and are considered different email addresses. Therefore, if these three addresses are on the panel, all three will receive their message. 
4) Add piped text for the current time.
This only works for trying to schedule duplicate emails over time. By adding the piped text for time, you will be able to get around the hour time delay. 

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