We are pleased to announce that the 2013 Donald O. Schoonmaker Faculty Prize for Community Service has been awarded to Professor of Religion & American Ethnic Studies, Dr. Ulrike Wiethaus. Dr. Wiethaus’ commitment of service to   Wake Forest and the Winston-Salem community at large is to be commended.

Professor Wiethaus has been deeply involved with students, staff, and faculty colleagues on the campus and with a wide array of partners locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Her exemplary work continually brings members of the campus community into productive and mutually beneficial relationships with those beyond our walls. Dr. Wiethaus will be formally recognized during the Founder’s Day program next spring.

We appreciate the nominations we received this year. They were all very deserving candidates, and the process of reviewing them was both a pleasure and a challenge.

We extend our sincere thanks and a hearty congratulations to Dr. Wiethaus for her outstanding contributions!