David Inczauskis Researches Campus Religious Life

Religion Major David Inczauskis researches campus religious life. He writes: During the spring semester of 2012, I worked with Dr. Lynn Neal of the Religion Department to carry out an academic study of religious groups at Wake Forest. My goal was to conduct ethnographic research that would reveal the unique differences between specifically Christian organizations on campus. A few of the guiding questions were as follows: Why do students participate in Christian groups? How do the groups’ organizational structures reflect their Christian goals? And what do students take to be the meaning of Christian religion? My methodology for gathering data involved informal interviews, formal interviews, and observations in the field. I attended the group meetings of a wide variety of Christian organizations, spoke with student leaders, questioned campus ministers, and generally immersed myself in mainstream religious culture at Wake Forest. The results were surprising, and I published a few of my conclusions in a series of articles for the school newspaper, The Old Gold and Black. Read the articles here

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