Dr. Tanisha Ramachandran Awarded 2017 Pro Humanitate Service Excellence Award for Faculty

PHI Service Excellence Award - Tanisha RamachandranIn recognition of a relentless commitment as a programmatic facilitator of the WF motto, Pro Humanitate, Dr. Ramachandran was awarded the 2017 Pro Humanitate Service Excellence Award for Faculty. Professor Ramachandran’s activities exemplify a true and sustained dedication to learning, teaching, service, and public engagement in the classroom, on campus, as well as within the communities that she inhabits. Maintaining authentic relationships in her work with students, staff and other faculty, she encourages deep academic learning, fosters transformative civic engagement, and addresses community-identified needs. Among her many commitments outside the classroom, she currently serves as faculty adviser for the Hindu Students Associated and the South Asian Student Association.
Professor Ramachandran earned her Ph.D from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. She has published in various journals including Canadian Women’s Studies/les Cahiers de la Femme and Material Religion. She has delivered numerous talks on issues pertaining to race, sexuality, colonialism, feminism as it relates to religion. Her current research examines how material objects and visual markers—hijabs, turbans, and bindies—are deployed or function in the racialization of religions in the US and Canada by examining acts of violence/vandalism perpetuated against Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs and their houses of worship: temples, mosques, and gurdwaras, respectively.

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