Articulations of Humanity in Black Religious Life: Perspectives on Religion and the Human Condition

April 19, 2013

Annenburg Forum, Carswell Hall

On April 19, Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity, in partnership with Faces of Courage, The Humanities Institute, the Department of Religion, and the Office of the Chaplain, will host a symposium bringing together emerging and senior scholars for a dialogue on issues related to African American religious experience as part of the larger quest to live a complex humanity. The invited speakers will discuss the impact of religion on the human condition through topics such as the arts, literature, politics, post-race discourse, embodiment, gender, sexuality, poverty, and Hip Hop culture.

A featured event of Wake Forest’s commemoration of its 50th anniversary of racial integration, this symposium provides an opportunity to consider the ways religion gives voice to those seeking the fullest expression of their humanity.

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