Mitchell Cameron Currin – 2007

Mitchell Cameron Currin ‘07

What are you doing today (professionally) and how did studying Religion prepare you for this?

I am currently working in University Advancement processing gifts. My Religion degree helps me to appreciate and understand the different reasons that people feel motivated toward charity and service.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of studying Religion?

Religion is at its heart a study of people and how they understand and interact with the world around them. This is critical when living and working in a global context. My Religion degree has prepared me to approach life with a greater sense of empathy professionally, socially, politically, spiritually, and personally.

What advice do you have for current Religion students?

Approach your study with an open mind. That might lead you out of the comfort zone of your experience of religion, regardless of what that experience may be. Look for connections in and across your classes, but don’t always assume that connections are there to be made. Participate in the dialogue always – in and out of the classroom. Make the most of your experience at Wake. Find some time to live out the Pro Humanitate motto off campus. Winston-Salem has a great nonprofit community, and the best of Wake Forest is shone and experienced through service the community. Religion is a living discipline, and regardless of your approach to the subject, there is much to be learned outside the classroom.

How have other areas of your life been shaped by studying Religion?

One of my favorite things about Religion as an academic discipline is that the subject matter is so easily accessible. By that I mean that labs and specialized equipment are not required. Since graduating from Wake, I’ve had the opportunity to work in some diverse areas in Charlotte and Winston-Salem with Goodwill Industries and the YMCA. Those experiences have provided a great opportunity to observe and learn from those people and communities. If you know where and for what to look, there are fascinating elements of American religious history and modern religious practice moving within the world. While that reality looks different in different parts the world, it remains present everywhere. In that way, the study of Religion has made me an active scholar in all elements of my life.

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