Dr. Shawn Arthur

20110323wardle9375Assistant Professor
Office: Wingate 215
Phone: 758-2496
Email: arthursd@wfu.edu



BioShawn Arthur joins Wake Forest from Appalachian State University where he taught for eight years and achieved the rank of Associate Professor. Shawn teaches courses mainly on Chinese religions – Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, contemporary and folk religions, and Chinese medicine. He also teaches about religion and the body, nature-oriented religions, and theory and method, including ethnographic study and interdisciplinary analysis of religion. Shawn’s first book, Early Daoist Dietary Practices: Examining Ways to Health and Longevity (Lexington Books 2013), focuses on a 5th century Daoist text that contains recipes for achieving immortality. In addition to looking at the religious content and issues present in the text, he also uses a range of nutritional, medical, and parasitological scientific studies to analyze the text’s physical regimens and their likely outcomes. He holds an M.A. in Religious Studies from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville (2001) and a Ph.D. in Chinese Religion and Society from Boston University (2007).


2007 Ph.D. – Boston University – Chinese Religion and Society (requirements finished 2006)
Dissertation: “Ancient Daoist Diets for Health and Longevity”
 2001 M.A. – University of Tennessee at Knoxville – Religious Studies
Thesis: “Nature and the Environment in American Wicca”
1996 B.A. – University of Tennessee at Knoxville – Religious Studies

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REL 104: Introduction to Asian Religions


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