Name   Title Office Phone Email
Sheila Lockhart   Administrative Coordinator Wingate 118A 758-4830
Anna Henley   Administrative Assistant Wingate 118 758-5461
Jeff Nichols   Instructional Technologist Wingate 313 758-6178
Kaeley McMahan   Library Liaison ZSR Library 758-4661

Sheila LockhartMeet Sheila Lockhart of the Religion Department.  Sheila Lockhart, administrative coordinator in the religion department for the last six years, has found a second family among the faculty and students in the department. She was once listed as number 3 on the “Top 10 reasons to be a religion major.” When a student declares a major in religion, she rings a bell: “Every time the bell rings a religion student gets their wings!” And when students leave, she’s always ready to welcome them back, “so they can come home whenever they want.” For more information, click here.