Celebration of HoliMajor Requirements

A major in religion requires a minimum of 27 hours, of which 18 must be in courses above the 100-level. Students must take REL 200 (formerly REL 300 Approaches to the Study of Religion) and one course from each of three groups (I: Biblical Studies; II: Religion, History and Society; III: World Religions). A minimum GPA of 2.0 in all courses completed in religion at Wake Forest is required for graduation with the major.

Minor Requirements

A minor in religion requires 15 hours, 9 of which must be above the 100-level and one upper-level course from Group III: World Religions.

Major/Minor Declaration

If you are interested in talking with someone about a religion major or minor, email Ms. Sheila Lockhart.  To declare a major or minor in religion, please fill out the appropriate form below and see Ms. Sheila Lockhart in Wingate 119. For more on why you should Major/Minor in Religion, click here.

Major Declaration Form

Minor Declaration Form