Paolo Guazzini, ’12: Internship: Spring 2012, Methodist Children’s Home, Winston-Salem, NC

“I decided to declare a concentration in RPE because it provides an arena where any religious belief can speak freely without the fear of being persecuted.  Those of us involved have all connected on a deep level and by doing so we have understood each other and our beliefs at a more spiritual level.  This intrinsic connection has allowed for us to realize what we want to see changed throughout the communities we live in and to have a large base of skills and resources to create such change.

My involvement with RPE (classes, internships, conversations) has made me feel as if I was making a difference in this world.  Many people only read and write about changing society but many do not continue with these goals.  With RPE involvement I am not only alleviating some of the problems with people’s lives and society, but I am growing spiritually and feeling happier as I do.”

Paolo matriculated Fall 2012 in a Master of Theology degree at Barry University, Miami Shores, FL. He is a Graduate Assistant & Administrative Liaison for Service-Learning. His responsibilities include: facilitating on-site group service learning programs, training work-study students, coordinating transportation for service learning placement sites,  maintaining a new system for tracking service-learning hours, and researching information on service learning impact areas (homelessness, poverty, elderly, children, environment)

He writes, “Barry University is a private Catholic school and because it is, undergraduates are required to take a religion class. That class has a required 10 hours of ‘service learning’ which is different from volunteering. It is similar to the RPE class where students take classroom readings and put them into practice with their internships.” Among