Religion and Public Engagement concentrators embrace Wake Forest’s core value of study and work pro-humanitate–for humanity. They want break out of the Wake Forest “bubble” and make a difference in the world; they also want to explore ways to be paid for what they love to do after graduation. They are passionate about their academic work, their internships and their futures.

GeorgeGeorge Aldhizer

’15 Religion and Accountancy

Internship: Spring 2014 Crisis Control, Winston-Salem, NC


Yasin Ali

’15 Political Science

Internship: Summer 2012 World Relief, High Point, NC.


 NaijliNaijla Faizi

’14 Religion

Internship: Winston-Salem Interfaith 


KatieREVKatie Imhoff  

’15    Religion/Politics and International Affairs

Internship: Fall 2013 School for International Training (Chile, Jordan, Nepal)


 JohnJohn James

’14 Religion

  Internship: Fall 2012, University of Cape Town, South Africa


JoeLeDucJoe LeDuc

’15 Politics and International Affairs



RirieRevKatherine Ririe

’15    Sociology/Religion

Internship: Family Services: Domestic Violence Court Advocate


India LauraLaura Simpson

’14 Religion

Internship: Methodist Children’s Home, Winson-Salem, NC


bailey13Bailey Stinson

’14 Religion & Biology



 Natalie Solomon

’15 Religion and Psychology

Internship: Summer 2013 4wholeness


 Mary StephensMary Stephens

’14 Religion and Sociology



Sarah13Sarah Van Sickle

’14 Religion and History

Internship: Summer 2013 Ukrainian Humanitarian Institute, Kiev, Ukraine


MuhammadMuhammed Ziddiqui

’14 Religion

Internship: Summer 2013 National Defense University, US Defense Department, DC