Indigenous Land Rights and Religious Freedom: A Community Symposium

April 7-April 8, 2011
Symposium Speakers
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The symposium brought together community advocates, scholars, and policy makers to review the current political realities of Indigenous land rights.  The topics discussed included trust land issues and environmental degradation, the legal instruments available for the protection of Indigenous land, including international law, and the practical consequences and implications of these laws for the sovereignty and well-being of Indigenous communities. The intended outcome was to develop working groups as needed, and to chart a course of action for the protection of Indigenous land rights.



Southern Silences

November 5-November 6, 2010
Community Activists Forum

Southern Silences Program

Southern Silences was a two-day conference designed to identify and encourage new trends in our understanding of the history and culture of African Americans and American Indians in the Southeast.  It fostered intellectual exchange between scholars, activists, and a general audience interested in learning about American history and the legacy of “willful amnesia” about its most traumatic chapters.