Andrew Luisi

This past June, I attended the Interfaith Youth Core’s Leadership Institute in Chicago at DePaul University.  During my brief time there, Fahim Gulamali and I were nominated from our cohort to present our Eat Better Together Campaign in front of the Institute.  These experiences here have taught me that through inclusion, not exclusion, via story-telling and shared values, interfaith plurality can be realized and actualized.

For the full month of July, I studied in a program called “Coexistence in the Middle East” at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.  In this program, we traveled to many of the holy sites for the three monotheistic religions in Israel: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  We studied relations between the Israelis and Palestinians, along with the Arab Spring conflict.  This trip put emphasis and focus on how the religious and non-religious alike could come together to promote mutual understanding and meet hate with love.