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Derived from Latin, Romance languages are spoken in countries across the world. Students at Wake Forest can learn Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese – several of our students study more than one language! The department also hosts the Arabic Language Program, whose culture intersects with several areas of romance influence. Within the department, all language programs aim at bringing out the deep connections that exist between ways of talking, writing, and local and global cultures. Knowing another language is key to understanding social, historical, and political events in new contexts.  Learning another language also leads to new friendships and opens diverse and often unique career opportunities.

At Wake Forest, our curriculum is supported by the rich and varied scholarship of our faculty, with courses and research on Arabic semantics in a modern day context, French crime stories, food practices in Spanish novels, West African and Caribbean literature, diaspora studies, Mapuche literature and computational linguistics, to mention just a few. Whatever you may be interested in, there is a good chance one of our faculty covers it! Our pedagogy focuses on developing fluency through communicative language, and is informed by multimedia and technology resources that bring communities to the classroom. Students are regularly invited to collaborate on faculty projects, to present at conferences, or to explore an area of interest to them through an Honors project. From watching foreign movies with fellow students to discussing cultural topics in small informal groups and participating in regular cultural hands-on activities, students are encouraged to experience the language and its cultural settings with the Wake Forest community.

Wake Forest enjoys a well-deserved reputation for encouraging students to pursue their academic and intellectual interests through study abroad programs. The department offers five in-house Study Abroad programs in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, France, Italy, Morocco, and Spain. And that does not include internships and other Study Abroad opportunities offered via the Center for Global Programs and Studies. With nine interdisciplinary programs and minors, you can easily combine your language skills with other personal interests to craft an education that fits you and your goals perfectly.

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