Rotary Scholarship Recipients

Listed by date of receipt

Joseph C. Hough, Jr. (1955) (Scotland)

Harry Thomas Frank (1959) (Scotland)

Brian H. Eckert (1976, 1988) (England)

Jan Afonso (1981) (Brazil)

Catherine Frier Korzen (1982) (England)

David Friedersdorf (1987) (Australia)

R. Kevin Hinkle (1987)

M. Alan LeCroy (1987)

Elizabeth Bilyeu (1990, 1992) (England)

John Whitmire (1997, 2002) (New Zealand)

Wendy Shriever Vogl (1999, 2001) (Austria)

Alice Ma (2002)

Alison Delany (2004) (Ireland)

Matthew Triplette (2005) (New Zealand)

Bengt Eric Carlson (2007) (Colombia)

John Toner (2007) (Bolivia)

Jonathan Barry (2007) (England)

Bobby Palmer (2009) (Latin America)

Lisa Biedrzycki was a two-time winner of the Rotary Club Gundaker Foundation Merit Scholarship, which recognizes academic achievement and public service work.  She was awarded these scholarships while a law student at Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, in the years 2004 and 2005.