Dr. Phillips and Students at Undergraduate Research Day ’18

Dr. Phillips talking to a student at Undergraduate Research Day

Wake Forest students show the results of their research projects during Undergraduate Research Day in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library on Friday, September 28, 2018.

Congratulations to our Carswell, Gordon, Reynolds, Stamps, and the many other scholars who participated in and presented at Undergraduate Research Day!


Poster # First Name Last Name Major (only the one that applies to this research) Anticipated Grad Year Title: Type
52 Thomas Kellogg Biology 2019 Analysis pipeline for probe characterization and peak detection in fluorescence imaging Carswell
11 Elizabeth Black Biology 2019 Evidence for cell cycle-mediated suppression of Elf1 by Rpl2702 Carswell/Mullen
12 Chloe Borden Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2019 Intergenotypic Diversity in Rotavirus Viral Structural Proteins Carswell/Mullen
46 Sophie Hollis English 2019 Fiction from Dust: an Exploration of Family Lore, History, and Personal Identity Carswell/Mullen
87 Peter Schlachte Anthropology 2019 Political Ecology and Medical Pluralism in Western Nepal Carswell/Mullen
103 Spencer Sullivan Health and Exercise Science 2019 Examination of different functional tests of leg power in sports medicine Carswell/Mullen
22 Brooke Christensen Biology 2019 Determining adolescent vulnerability in nicotine use using a self-administration rodent model Carswell/Mullen & Magnolia Scholar
5 Mohamed Ahmidouch Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) 2021 Development of Modified Catechol Compounds for Use as Enhanced Bioactive Tissue Adhesives and as Universal Bioink Gordon
9 Konan Beke Biology 2019 The Effect of Phosphorylation on SAMHD1 Localization and Cellular Growth Rate  Gordon
29 Riyan Deria Undeclared 2021 Exclusion of Mentally Ill Patients from Clinical Trials  Gordon
31 Dami Fakunle Sociology 2020 Comparative Health System of Paris, France and Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK Gordon
49 Walter Jackson Politics and International Affairs 2020 British Expropriation Policy During the Cold War Gordon
50 Anuj Jailwala Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  2019 Binding interactions between eukaryotic DNA methyltransferases and substituted analogs of S-adenosyl-L-methionine  Gordon
53 Ruchika Khot Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2019 Inhibition of the mitochondrial thioredoxin system with thiostrepton and gentian violet Gordon
64 Noah Meyer Physics 2021 Computational Analysis of Molecular Rectifiers Reynolds
81 Nicole Rogers Health and Exercise Science 2020 Possible Reasons for Varying Cardiovascular Disease Rates Across the World Reynolds
82 Alice Romanov sociology 2020  The Changing Politics of Social Inclusion in Nepal:  the intersection of caste, religion, and social networks  Reynolds
84 Jack Runge Spanish 2019 Analyzing the Evolution of the Romance Script in Medieval Castilian Spain Reynolds
13 Robert Bradford Physics 2020 Molecular Rectifiers in Self-Assembled Monolayers: Diodes on the Nano-scale Stamps
60 Andrew Logan Mathematical Economics 2021 Creative Destruction and Defense Contracting: Military Autonomous Systems Stamps
2 Kyle Adams Philosophy 2021 Cape Town’s Racial Rhetoric and Its Philosophical Repercussions Stamps  
86 Hannah Scanlon Applied Math, Music Minor 2021 Music Volunteering in Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands Stamps  
104 Emma Szuba Theatre 2021 Will and Harold: Shakespeare’s Cymbeline Through the Lens of Improv Stamps  

Alum Update

Congratulations to Nancy S Reynolds Scholar alum Daveed Gartenstein-Ross on becoming the CEO of a start-up company in the national security sphere, Valens Global. Daveed co-founded this company with fellow Wake Forest grad Cyclone Covey. Daveed served on the national debate championship team at Wake Forest before graduating in 1998.

Life After Wake

Reynolds Scholar alumna Sara Borchers scuba divingMy first post-graduate job took me to the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas, where I worked as an outdoor educator and assisted on various research projects. While in the Bahamas, I was struck by swells (pun intended!) of pure joy and wonder when examining coral polyps with underwater lenses, watching peacock flounders disappear into their surroundings, or diving amongst reef sharks. My time at CEI made my mission clear: to embark on a career centered on improving the health of our Earth. 

I set off to San Diego to join a lab at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, using modeling software to study the state of the coral reefs of the world. While ecology appealed to my fascination with the intricacies of the ocean, I found myself increasingly drawn to the engineering side of the sustainability movement. As a big-picture thinker, I wanted to be part of a long-term solution. The key to a healthier planet lies in making clean energy more efficient and affordable, thereby pushing the global community to make the switch to sustainability. As an engineer, I could help mold that key.

Though I did not have the traditional engineering background, I began applying to sustainable engineering positions. I was thrilled to receive one working for Altanova, a sustainable engineering and consulting firm in New York City. I’ve been here since January and have loved every minute of it! The fast-paced, solutions-based nature of the work leaves me feeling challenged and fulfilled.

My four years at Wake Forest revealed my passions, developed my critical-thinking, and grew my confidence. Though I was reluctant to leave my Wake Forest family, I could not have dreamed of better preparation for the working world. I’m so grateful for the unforgettable, diverse, and truly life-changing experiences I’ve had in the 14 months since graduation and can’t wait for what comes next!

– Sara Borchers, Reynolds Scholar Alumna

Carswell Scholar Alum Wins Planning Honor

Congratulations to scholar alumna Elizabeth Watson on this prestigious recognition!

“Elizabeth Watson has been a lifelong innovator working to enhance rural communities and landscapes. She has devoted her career to educating non-planner stakeholders about the benefits of protecting heritage assets and reinforcing communities’ capacity for effective action. She co-authored Saving America’s Countryside, the rural planning guidebook that inspired a generation of practitioners, work that included the groundbreaking listing of 25 square miles of Oley, Pennsylvania, on the National Register. One of her greatest achievements was leading the movement to establish a system of National Heritage Areas when just three existed; today Congress has recognized 49 of these unique American regions.”

A page out of a Carswell alumna’s story

We are always asking our alums the what are you up to and where are you now questions. Here’s what Carswell alumna Lisa Yarger had to share:

Carswell Alumna Lisa Yarger

In 2016 my book, Lovie: The Story of a Southern Midwife and an Unlikely Friendship, was published by UNC Press. The book won the 2017 Media Award from the American College of Nurse-Midwives and was long-listed for the Chautaugua Prize.

Since 2005 I’ve lived with my husband and daughter in Munich, Germany, where we own and operate The Munich Readery, an English language secondhand bookshop. www.readery.de

Where are they now?

Scholars alumna Carolyn St. Cyr

“After working at a tech startup in DC for three years, I decided to pursue a Master of Teaching at the University of Virginia. I graduated with my Masters in May of 2016, endorsed to teach Special Education and English as a Second Language. As of this summer, I am also endorsed to teach Algebra 1.”
– Scholars alumna Carolyn St. Cyr

Alumna Update: Leslie Zampetti

Alumna Leslie ZampettiWhat am I up to? After spending 20+ years in special, public and school libraries cataloging rocket launch videos to Lego rocket ship models, presenting SEC documents and story-times, and negotiating with everyone from Lexis-Nexis to the PTA, I’ve changed careers. No longer do I buy books for libraries, I write them myself. Currently working on my third novel for children and hoping three’s the charm for publication! Having joined Dunham Literary, Inc. over a year ago as an assistant, I’m now representing my own clients as a literary agent. I’m happy to read queries from fellow WFU alumni; send your query and first five pages to my attention at query@dunhamlit.com


Hearing from a Reynolds Scholar alumna

We’re always inviting our alums to share their reflections and updates. Thank you to Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholar alumna Mary Beth (Ward) Lambert for sharing these thoughts!
“Wake Forest prepared me to be successful both professionally and personally, thanks in large part to the constant wisdom and wit of Dr. Tom Phillips.”
“I recently graduated from my Pediatrics Residency and have joined Sandhills Pediatrics in my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. Additionally, we welcomed a son (William Grayson Lambert, Jr. “Gray”) in December 2016.”

Carswell Graylyn Scholar at Undergraduate Research Day

“Undergraduate Research Day epitomizes the spirit of the intellectual community here at Wake Forest. During the event, the passion, creativity, and drive of this community of scholars is palpable. I loved seeing my own work – this year, a study of the ambivalence of the United States towards multilateral environmental agreements – presented alongside posters describing research in pure math, music history, green chemistry, and just about every other discipline one might imagine. The diversity of student inquiry fostered at Wake Forest is truly incredible.” Thomas Poston