Brava to our brave cold-weather marathoner, Carswell Scholar alumna, Stanford law graduate, and practical altruist for helping Norway speak with ethical force about the financial and political imperatives of responsible climate change policy. Wake Forest is very proud of Annie Bersagel for her commitment and talent in global policy and international running alike. — Tom Phillips

Read more about this alumna’s adventures here:

First Luce Scholar in 20 years

“Wake Forest senior Jillian L. Correia has been awarded a Luce Scholarship for 2017-2018. She is Wake Forest’s first Luce scholar in 20 years.

The scholarship is a nationally competitive fellowship program created by the Henry Luce Foundation in 1974 to enhance the understanding of Asia among potential leaders in American society.”

Find the full story here.

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 British Scholarship Nominees

Rhodes Scholarship
Kevin Chapman (CA)
Jillian Correia (CT)
Angela Harper (NC)
Parker Harris (NY)
Sarah Rudasill (PA)
Jeremy Sexton (NC)
Giuliana Savini (CT)
Cameron Silverglate (FL)

British Marshall Scholarship
Jay Buchanan (NC)
Kevin Chapman (CA)
Olivia Clark (’16) (MD)
Jillian Correia (CT)
Angela Harper (PA)
Parker Harris (NY)
Giuliana Savini (CT)
Cameron Silverglate (FL)

Churchill Scholarship
Angela Harper (PA)

George Mitchell Scholarship
Parker Harris (NY)
Sophie Leveque (’16) (CA)
Cameron Silverglate (FL)

Congratulations to Student Fulbright Nominees, 2017-18

Please join us in congratulating the 34 seniors and recent alumni/ae who have applied for and been nominated formally for U S Student Fulbright Study Scholarships, Research Fellowships, or Teaching Assistantships. Several other alumni/ae applied At Large and were assisted by the Campus Committee. Below is a roster of these fine students, who will hear in late January if their dossiers are recommended to the host country for final consideration later in the spring.

Akina Anand (’15)
Stephanie Bilodeau
Sara Borchers
David Brinsky
Brady Buchanan
Jay Buchanan
OIivia Clark (’16)
Jillian Correia
Jamie Eisner
Julia Freitas
Antonius Gunawan
Parker Harris
Millicent Hennessey (’16)
Patricia Hong (’11)
Kendall Huennekens
Jess Jordan
Ben Kalan
Emily Kuo
Kathryn Napier Le
Sophie Leveque (’16)
Leegan Lim (’15)
Heather Livingston
Madison Luther
Abby Mrvos
Melissa Payne
Giuliana Savini
Rachel Shields
Maggie Sinkler
Caroline Sprinkle
Kyla Tucker
Chizoba Ukairo
Kevin Wang
Caroline Warren
Phillip Weinstein (’16)

Much thanks to the Campus Fulbright Committee members who worked to read and edit applications, conduct interviews, and evaluate our nominees. These include: Dr. Susan Borwick, Music; Dr. Daniel Canas, Computer Science; Dr. Samuel Cho, Physics; Dr. Mary Friedman, Spanish; Dr. Nate French, Wake Forest Scholars; Mr. Brian Hart, Dean of the College Office; Dr. Alyssa Howards, German; Ms. Dana Hutchens, OPCD; Dr. Paul Jones, Chemistry; Dr. Stephen Murphy, French; Mr. Cody Ryberg, Global Programs; Dr. Kendall Tarte, French; Mr. David Taylor, Global Programs; Ms. Amanda Tingle, Wake Forest Scholars; Mr. Mike Tyson, Global Programs.

Congratulations to 2016-17 Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to the ten Wake Forest students who have been awarded scholarships for their academic excellence. Recipients include:

Jeremy Sexton – Beinecke Scholarship

Krissy Cantin – National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Hannah Smith – National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Stephanie Bilodeau – Gilman Scholarship

Taylor Seiple – Gilman Scholarship

Addison McLamb – Schwarzman Scholarship (Tsinghua)

Angela Harper – Goldwater Scholarship

Sarah Rudasill – Truman Scholarship

Victoria Hill – Rangel Fellowship

Beth Ann Williams – FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) Fellowship