About Us

New graduates

Wake Forest provides the Wake Forest Scholars Program for current undergraduates and recent graduates who have interest in, and display the general prerequisites for, a variety of competitive post-graduate scholarship and fellowship programs (both domestic and international). Students would consult with specific graduate and professional institutions for scholarships and fellowships particular to such institutions.

Students with possible interest in such programs should consult with the director as early as spring of the first year, and certainly by the middle of the sophomore year, to learn more about particular programs, their requirements and features. A vast majority of such programs awards funds to students who have developed a sterling undergraduate record and also who have partaken or expect to partake of educational travel, independent research, departmental honors programs, campus leadership, and other indications of extraordinary initiative and achievement.

Students are encouraged to call or write the director with any questions, including information about the Peace Corps.

Dr. Thomas O. Phillips (’74 BA, MA ’78), Director