Fulbright Program


Fulbright US Student Program

Fulbright Scholarships provide students with a bachelor’s degree the opportunity to study or affiliate for one year at a foreign institution (for cultural exchange, course study, or degree candidacy, depending on the home country). Approximately 1400 grants provided each year to over 140 countries worldwide. Requirements and competition vary from country to country, but most non-English-speaking host countries require competency in the host language.

The Fulbright Scholars Program also sponsors Fulbright Teaching Assistantships to select countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. These fellowships vary in requirement and competition, but typically provide a year of residence in a host country in exchange for teaching English. Fluency in the host country language is not a requirement in every case.

Suggested minimum GPA: 3.5. WFU seniors may apply only through WFU nomination. Deadline to notify campus committee of interest in program is September 1 of the senior year, though students are strongly encouraged to begin development of study proposals in the junior year. Wake Forest has become a major Fulbright nomination and award institution. The most successful candidates will be those who engage the Director and campus mentors early in the application process.

Also sponsored by Fulbright are grants in business, economics, international relations, and law to Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay. In addition the Fulbright Islamic Civilization Initiative Program encourages Fulbright grants to countries with considerable Muslim populations. The Critical Language Enhancement awards encourage highly capable candidates by providing language training in country prior to the commencement of one’s project.

Students talented in the creative and performing arts can apply to any country for a Fulbright Scholarship in their area of specialty. Guidelines vary from country to country. Performing arts proposals should focus on training and cultivating skill. Creative arts proposals might focus on collecting background information or conducting research for novels, short stories, or films, etc. Host country affiliations might include settings such as museums and galleries. Supplemental materials are typically required in the application and must be applicable to the proposed study or project. The Fulbright program encourages talented artists and writers to apply and share any works they have created with their respective host countries while funded by the scholarship.