Post-graduate Application

The Alfa Fellowship Program

The Alfa Fellowship provides young professionals with funding for intensive Russian language training, seminars, and professional work experience in Russia. Candidates are required to have at least two years professional experience or a graduate degree or equivalent training in business, economics, journalism, law, public policy, or government. The typical candidate is between 25 and 35 years old. The Alfa Fellowship program is designed to introduce young American professionals to post-Cold War-era Russia and its place in the global community. Before leaving for Russia, candidates not already fluent in Russian will undergo seven months of language training split between time spent with a tutor in the United States and intensive study in Moscow. Recipients not only will be placed in appropriate professional positions in their fields, but also will attend seminars in Moscow to discuss current issues affecting Russian culture, business, and government. The program runs from March to the following April. Deadline to apply is in December.

American Graduate Fellowships

The Council of Independent Colleges and the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation offer American Graduate Fellowships to graduates of private liberal arts colleges (including WFU) pursuing doctoral degrees in history, philosophy, literature, languages, and the fine arts at one of twenty-three universities. Two fellows will be chosen each year. The fellowship provides $50,000 for the first year of graduate study and is renewable for a second academic year if the fellow has demonstrated the capacity to succeed in his/her program. Please see the American Graduate Fellowships website for the comprehensive list of eligible institutions. Applications are due in mid October.

American-Scandinavian Foundation Grants and Fellowships

The American Scandinavian Foundation offers grants and fellowships for research or study in the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden. Projects or study can cover any field, excluding beginning studies. Preference is given to those applicants with some knowledge of the language of his or her host country. Research projects or study should fall within a summer-to-summer range of one year. Grants for partial funding and complete fellowships for full funding up to $20,000 are available. Applications for the next summer to summer competition are due in early November and decisions will be announced in March of the following year.

The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program

The Robert Bosch program provides a young professional with two high-level work placements in the German federal government and private sector in order to promote better understanding of German-American relations and the European Union. Ideal candidates have professional work experience or graduate level training in business administration, economics, public policy, journalism, mass communications, law, or political science. Candidates should be 23-34 years old by the application deadline. Throughout the nine month fellowship, seminars are held in various cities in Europe such as Warsaw, Brussels, and Madrid. Applications are due October 15.

Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program

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Central Europe Summer Research Institute

The National Science Foundation encourages graduate students in the sciences and engineering to obtain hands-on research experience in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, or Slovakia through their Central Europe Summer Research Institute (CERSI). Approximately 14 graduate students will participate annually. The CERSI program is 8 weeks long and begins with a week-long orientation spent as a group in Budapest, Hungary. Students will spend the next 7 weeks in their individually-arranged lab placements throughout central Europe. Students are encouraged to contact mentors in Europe before application but will be placed according to their preferences if no contact has been made. Students will receive a $3,000 stipend, round-trip airfare to Europe, living costs, health and accident insurance, and the cost of orientation in Budapest, Hungary. Master’s or Ph.D. students in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, or mathematics are eligible to apply. Applications are due in early February.

Chateaubriand Fellowships

The Chateaubriand Fellowship is provided by the Embassy of France in the United States. It allows Ph.D. students in the United States to conduct research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities in France for up to 12 months. Humanities and social science applicants must be proficient in French. There is no specified level of French required for scientific fellowship applicants. Chateaubriand fellows receive a stipend per month, round trip ticket to France, and health insurance. Applicants must demonstrate the need to carry out their research only in France. Candidates do not have to be U.S. citizens, but must be enrolled in an American university. The Chateaubriand Fellowship is very competitive and only a limited number are given out each year. The application deadline is in late December for the following fellowship year.

Churchill Scholarships

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Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships

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Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs

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DAAD Scholarships for Post-graduates

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Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

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The Josephine DeKarman Fellowships

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Department of Energy Scholarships

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Fulbright Scholarships

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The Fund for Theological Education Graduate Fellowships

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Gates Cambridge Scholarships

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Individual Research Grants

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute provides research grants for individuals in biomedical research including medical and dental students who are seeking research training. Research Training Fellowships for Medical Students allow students to conduct research at an academic or not-for-profit institution in the U.S. Applicants are responsible for choosing a mentor at the institution of their choice and making arrangements to work in their laboratory. The application deadline for this fellowship is in mid January. Sixty-six Research Training Fellowships are awarded annually. The HHMI-NIH Research Scholar Program (Cloister Program) provides for outstanding medical school students to receive research training on the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Students will select a project and mentor after being accepted into the program. Applications for the HHMI-NIH program must be received by mid January. Forty-two students are selected each year. Both the Research Training and HHMI-NIH programs run for one year and provide an annual stipend. The Physician-Scientist Early Career Award recognizes alumni/ae of the fellowship programs as they begin careers as physician-scientists. Application for the P-SECA is by invitation only.

Humane Studies Fellowships

The Institute for Humane Studies offers fellowships for exceptional full-time undergraduate, graduate, law, and professional students. This fellowship is provided to students whose research and studies support the ideas and advancement of a free society. Competitive students will be seeking careers in areas such as academia, public policy, journalism, the media, film, fiction, and art. Around 100 students are awarded up to $12,000 for a year of academic study. The majority of winners are Ph.D. students, but very competitive undergraduate and Master’s level students may apply. This award can be applied to overseas studies. The application deadline is in late December.

Javits Scholarships in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Federally based, nationally competitive Javits Scholarships are awarded to as many as 100 students annually for up to four years of graduate study in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. Students must show superior academic ability and talent and a desire to earn the terminal degree in their fields of study. Demonstrated financial need is one requirement. Suggested minimum GPA: 3.8. No institutional nomination is required, but potential applicants are encouraged to consult with the Director of Wake Forest Scholars. Javits deadline: December 1, with an extensive application.

Korean American Foundation Scholarships

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The Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarships

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Luce Fellowships

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James Madison Memorial Fellowships

Students who are seeking a master’s degree in American history, political science, or education with a concentration in American history or American government are eligible to apply for the James Madison Memorial Fellowship. This fellowship will provide funding for a graduate school program with the expectation that the fellow will teach secondary school politics, social studies, or American history emphasizing the United States Constitution. The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation hopes to see a future where citizens are more informed about the fundamental law of the U.S. and requires that the chosen graduate program includes at least 12 semester credits of constitutional study. The fellowship also includes the Summer Institute on the Constitution held in July at Georgetown University. Under the conditions of the fellowship, fellows must teach one year for each full academic year of graduate study under the fellowship. One fellow from each state is chosen per year. Applications must be submitted online by March 1 of each year.

George J. Mitchell Scholarships

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National Health Service Corp Scholarships

Students entering the medical field may apply for a National Health Service Corp Scholarship. This scholarship pays tuition for up to 4 years of medical training for future allopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurse midwives. Eligible students should have a desire to work in health professional shortage areas (HPSAs). Awarded students will incur one year of obligated service for each full or partial school year of support to provide services in a HPSA. The NHSC Scholarship program is looking for future health care professionals who have a commitment to serve, are flexible in their plans, and who place importance on providing care to underserved populations. HPSAs may include settings such as drug abuse treatment centers, clinics for the homeless, AIDS outpatient clinics and prison health facilities. Students must carry out their service requirements in those HPSAs with the greatest need at the time of assignment. Disadvantaged students are encouraged to apply. Approximately seven applications are received for every one scholarship awarded. Applications are due late March. Interested students should download the scholarship bulletin on the NHSC website.


Rhodes Scholarships

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Schepp Foundation Scholarships

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U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarships

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Alexander von Humboldt Foundation German Chancellor Fellowships

This program supports one year in Germany for professional development, study, or research, to young adults who display outstanding leadership. For students who have completed, or are well underway to completion of, advanced degrees, or have begun careers in any number of fields of endeavor. Candidates may apply independent of the Wake Forest Scholars program but are encouraged to consult with the Director. Deadline: October 31.

Marcellus Waddill Excellence in Teaching Award

The Marcellus Waddill Excellence in Teaching Award is for alumni/ae of Wake Forest University who are outstanding full-time teachers in public or private schools grades K-12. This award is made possible by the Office of Alumni Activities and the Department of Education with a gift from the Waddill children to honor their father, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus Marcellus Waddill. To be considered for one of two $10,000 awards (one of the largest teacher-recognition prizes in the country), applicants must provide the committee with a nomination letter written by themselves or an outside party. If selected, applicants will then send in recommendation letters, classroom materials, and a written personal philosophy of teaching. Finalists will send in videotaped classroom sessions and will participate in an interview. Nomination letters must be received by mid-October. Winners will be notified the following May and will be announced during the following fall convocation.

The Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarships

The Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship is awarded to serious artists and musicians who would like to study in Paris. Up to four graduate and post-graduate students are chosen each year. Applicants should propose projects related to the visual arts or music which require a stay in Paris for a year and attendance at a recognized French art school or music conservatory. Applicants should make arrangements with an instructor at their preferred institution before applying. Awarded students receive a stipend of 8,500 Euros to assist with rent and other living expenses. Woolley scholars are expected to give and attend concerts or art exhibitions and attend social functions through the cultural program of the Fondation des Etats-Unis. Students should have proficiency in the French language before arrival in France. The application and all materials must be received by late January.