Disability Accommodation

Please complete the following steps as soon as possible to apply for an academic accommodation.  The same information can be found at the Semester Online Disability Support page.

1.  Obtain an official accommodation notification from your home school.

  • Please note that this may require you to complete the full academic accommodations request process at your home school and could take several weeks.
  • If you already have an accommodation notification for the current semester for your on-campus courses, that document will suffice for your Semester Online request.

2.  Send your detailed request for accommodations along with your home school’s notification to the contact listed below for your Semester Online institution.

  • If you are taking multiple Semester Online courses at different institutions, you should contact each institution separately.
  • The disability resource offices reserve the right to ask you for additional documentation if necessary to review your request.

3.  The disability office from your Semester Online teaching institution will then issue an official accommodations letter for your Semester Online course.

  • The Semester Online support team will be notified of any accommodations that require technical support.
  • However, it is your responsibility to proactively work with both your professor and the support team to make sure that your accommodations are in place for any assignments and exams.


Important notes:


  • You must self-identify as an individual with a disability if you need an accommodation. Your home school and the Semester Online teaching institution will not proactively communicate with each other about your disability status.

  • You should submit your requests for accommodations as soon as possible in order to provide the teaching institution with enough time to review your documentation. If you submit a request at the last minute, it may not be reviewed in time for the accommodation to be implemented for the assignment or exam where you need it.

  • Semester Online is committed to protecting your privacy, and as such our support teams cannot communicate on your behalf to the disability resource offices.


Learning disabilities and ADHD:
Kathy Duggan

Connors Family Learning Center


(617) 552-8093

All other types of disabilities, including temporary disabilities:

Paulette Durrett

Disability Services Office


(617) 552-3470

Beth Rodgers-Kay, Director

Disabilities Services and Support

Office of Academic Services

(781) 736-3470


Jessalyn Smiley

Access, Disability Services and Resources

201 Dowman Drive, Ste 110 University Administration Bldg

Atlanta, GA 30322


(404) 727-9877 Voice

(404) 727-1126 Fax

(404) 712-2049 TDD

Services for Students with Disabilities

601 University Place

Scott Hall Room 21

Evanston, IL 60208


(847) 467-5530 Voice

(847) 467-5531 Fax

Accessibility Resources & Service

CB#7214 SASB, Suite 2126

450 Ridge Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7214


(919) 962-8300 Voice

(919) 962-4748 Fax

711 (TTY – NC RELAY)

Scott Howland

Coordinator of Disability Services

Sara Bea Learning Center for Students with Disabilities

University of Notre Dame


(574) 631-7157


Van D. Westervelt, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services

Wake Forest University


(336) 758-5929 Phone

(336)758-1991 Fax

Cornerstone: The Center for Advanced Learning

Disability Resources

Campus Box 1135

One Brookings Drive

St. Louis, MO  63130-4153


(314) 935-5970 Phone

(314) 935-7559 Fax