For Faculty

Why is Wake involved with Semester Online?20080918convocation4173

SemesterOnline provides a valuable opportunity to our students who need to be away from campus for a semester, either for health or personal reasons or to pursue a special opportunity like an internship. These students will be able to take courses while away from campus and stay on track for a timely completion of their Wake Forest degree.

Second, the opportunity to learn about new technologies and pedagogies. We believe faculty will be able to use the lessons learned to enhance their face-to-face classes (which is, and will be, our main educational mode).

Third, we have already found valuable the opportunities to engage with peer institutions that are also exploring whether online education can in any way enhance the educational experience provided to undergraduates, and imagine that this benefit would continue.

Fourth, this program is eventually expected to generate some revenue for Wake Forest, although we project that revenue stream to be relatively small; this is not primarily (or even secondarily) about financial gain. This opportunity is most heavily about offering our students the opportunity to take Wake Forest courses when they have the opportunity or requirement to be off-campus for a semester.