Apply to Develop an Semester Online Course

Semester Online offers faculty members the opportunity to develop a course in a new format and make this course available to students who are not able to study, for a semester, in the traditional on-campus environment.  Working with professional instructional designers, faculty gain a new perspective on their pedagogy and have access to extensive resources and expertise for online and blended learning.

Semester Online is not currently accepting applications for course development.

Those who are thinking of submitting a proposal should be aware that online courses take a serious time commitment.  Most online courses require at least one semester and approximately 100 to 150 hours for development.  To allow sufficient time for this effort, a faculty member for whom an Semester Online course proposal has been approved will receive a one-course reduction during the semester in which the course is under development or, alternatively, a summer stipend if development occurs during the summer.

Semester Online offers courses during three terms: Fall and Spring, each of which are 15 weeks long; and a compressed Summer term which is 9 weeks long. Each term that the course runs, a lead instructor (usually the faculty member who developed the course) will lead one section and coordinate the section leaders for each of the other sections.

Application Process

NOTE: New courses must go through normal approval processes within departments and be submitted to the Curriculum Committee, who will present the course to the faculty for final approval.

  1. The Dean of the College issues a request for proposals.  (Times are determined by the Semester Online Consortium course development waves.)

  2. The faculty member drafts an initial proposal for developing an online course, using the Application to Develop a Semester Online Course form, for submission to their Department Chair.  The faculty member is advised to notify and consult with the Online Education Department during the development of the proposal. (Brenda Knox,

  3. The proposal is reviewed and approved for further exploration by Department Chair. (Signature)

  4. The proposal is submitted to the Online Education Committee (OLEC) for review. Email the complete Application to Develop a Semester Online Course form to Adam Friedman, chair of OLEC.  OLEC makes a recommendation to Dean of the College.

  5. Dean of the College makes a decision about which course proposals go forward to Semester Online, and agrees to sponsor/fund the course development if chosen by Semester Online.  (Signature)

  6. The faculty member signs the proposal, agreeing to the time commitment and compensation. (Signature)

  7. The proposal is submitted to the Semester Online Consortium Curriculum Committee.

  8. A detailed budget and timeline are developed internal to Wake Forest (concurrent with steps 6 and 7).

  9. The Semester Online Consortium Curriculum Committee reviews and approves the proposal.

  10. The faculty member works with 2U to develop the course (over approximately two semesters).

  11. The faculty member delivers the course.

  12. The faculty member reports back to OLEC and the Dean’s Office.