Wake Forest Policy

Faculty define student eligibility

Faculty determine which students are eligible to take Semester Online courses.  The Online Education Committee (OLEC) will bring forward any proposed changes in eligibility to the Faculty for discussion and vote.

Faculty define how academic credit is determined

We will not automatically accept other schools’ courses. The College faculty have the right to decide whether or not to accept any particular course for credit, just as we currently do with courses our students take from programs offered by other schools and for which the student applies to transfer the credit.

Wake Forest Policies

A WFU student may count no more than 15 online credits towards graduation.  No more than 6 online credits may transfer, including Semester Online courses taken from other schools.  Thus a student could take a maximum of 15 credits of Semester Online coursework, but 9 of those credits would have to be Wake Forest Semester Online courses.  Interested students must consult the WFU Department Chair that would be asked to accept a specific course to confirm that they will receive credit before applying. The student will fill out the Semester Online Student Enrollment Approval Form and return it to the Registrar’s office when complete.