Wake Students

Through Semester Online (SON,) Wake Forest students now have the option to take high quality online courses with small class sizes taught by leading faculty from other elite schools.  The institutions providing courses include Boston College, Brandeis University, Emory University, Northwestern University, Trinity College Dublin, University of Melbourne, University of Notre Dame, the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Washington University in St. Louis as well as Wake Forest University.

The intent is that SON courses serve students who are not able to be on campus during a semester.  If a student has to be away from the Wake campus for some reason, these courses can be used to help them continue to make progress toward graduation.

The courses:

  • are 15 weeks lone;
  • consist of small sections of 15 students;
  • are NOT self paced;
  • require 80 minutes of live (synchronous) online time each week;
  • require extensive preparations before every live online session since there are fewer

SON courses are not for everyone.  Successful online students are self motivated and manage their time well.  It is important that students understand that these courses are as rigorous as a traditional course and will demand as much time and attention from a student as any course at Wake Forest.

NOTE:  If you wish to take a conventional face to face course at an institution near where you will be this summer, please refer to the Summer School Elsewhere page for more information.