Registration Procedure

Wake students will have a 2 pronged application process.

  1. The student must get permission from WFU to take an Semester Online course by filling out the Semester Online Student Enrollment Approval form. They will need approval signatures from their Adviser, the department being asked to accept the course for transfer credit, and the Dean’s Office of Academic Advising.
  2. Simultaneous with Step 1., the student will apply on the Semester Online website by clicking on the Apply button. Semester Online will follow up, demonstrating the platform and explaining the course workload, etc.
  3. When all three WFU permission signatures from Step 1. are obtained, the student will turn the completed form in to the WFU Registrar who will confirm that they have no holds on registration. The Registrar will retain the form for the record and notify Semester Online that this student has permission from their home school to take an Semester Online course.  (The student should keep a copy.)
  4. When the student has completed the Semester Online application and Semester Online receives word from the WFU Registrar that the student has home school permission, the application will be considered complete. Semester Online will contact the student again, asking for their preferred section time for the synchronous sessions and that the student sign Intent to Enroll documents. (Sample Intent to Enroll documents.)  When these are signed, the student will be enrolled in the course and it will show up on their course schedule in WIN.  (NOTE:  Courses offered by other schools will show up as SON 100.)

NOTE:  Please note that the Semester Online Calendar is not exactly the same as Wake Forest’s Academic Calendar.  Take care to note the application deadlines, term start and end dates, and deadlines for adding or dropping.