Student Eligibility and Requirements

The intent is that Semester Online courses serve students who are not able to be on campus during a semester.  If a student has to be away from the Wake campus for some reason, these courses can be used to help them continue to make progress toward graduation.

The following criteria must also be met to be eligible to register for an Semester Online course.

  • Students may not enroll in both Semester Online and WFU on campus courses in the same semester.
  • Have had at least 2 full semesters taking courses on campus before they are eligible to take a Semester Online course.

  • Students at Wake Forest Study Abroad programs are not eligible to take Semester Online courses. (See the WFU Study Abroad website to identify WFU programs.)

  • Be in good academic standing, meaning having a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater and not being on probation or suspension.

  • Some of the Semester Online courses from other schools will have GPA requirements. Refer to the Semester Online website.

  • Get permission from their Adviser.

  • Consult the WFU Department Chair that would be asked to accept a specific course to confirm that they will receive credit. (WFU Credit Pre-approval for Semester Online Courses)

  • Not have already taken the maximum number of online courses for graduation  (See Wake Forest Policies link to the right.)