Wake Forest Policies


A WFU student may count no more than 15 online credits towards graduation.  No more than 6 online credits may transfer, including SON courses taken from other schools.  Thus a student could take a maximum of 15 credits of Semester Online coursework, but 9 of those credits would have to be Wake Forest Semester Online courses.  Interested students must consult the WFU Department Chair that would be asked to accept a specific course to confirm that they will receive credit before applying. (See WFU Credit Pre-approval for Semester Online Courses.)


Wake Forest will bill WFU students, regardless of whether the Semester Online course is taught by WFU or some other school.  In the fall and spring terms, a Semester Online course will be considered part of a student’s full time load and their standard flat fee tuition will cover it.  Part time students in the fall and spring will pay the WFU part time hourly tuition rate.  Students taking SON courses in the summer will pay WFU Summer School tuition rates.  For more information about tuition rates, refer to the Student Accounts Tuition and Fees page.

The refund schedule for WFU students taking Semester Online courses in Spring 2014 will follow the University’s already established refund policy and schedule.

Financial Aid

Wake Forest Student Financial Aid will administer financial aid awards for WFU students only.  Students from consortium schools or affiliate schools will have their aid determined by their home schools.

For a student to be eligible for institutional need-based financial aid, the student must be enrolled full time (12 hours) in a degree seeking program.  To be eligible for federal financial aid (Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Perkins and Stafford loans), a student must be enrolled at least half time (6 hours) in a degree seeking program.  If a student is enrolled less than half time (6 hours or fewer), the student can pay in full, setup a monthly payment plan through the university’s FACTS plan (http://finance.wfu.edu/sfs/payment-methods/monthly-payment-plan) or borrow through private educational loans (http://www.wfu.edu/finaid/alternative.html).

Wake Forest Student Financial Aid encourages students interested in taking Semester Online courses to setup an appointment with Tom Benza to discuss financial aid eligibility and options.

Accommodation for Disabilities

Semester Online’s partner institutions are committed to providing a supportive academic environment for all students who take our courses, including those with disabilities. The institutions review requests for reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis in order to provide students with disabilities with equal access to Semester Online classes.

If you wish to apply for academic accommodations, you must follow the Disability Accommodation steps as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that you submit your request for accommodations as soon as you enroll in a Semester Online course.