WFU Credit Pre-approval for Semester Online Courses

Before being allowed to register for a specific Semester Online (SON) course, WFU students must confirm that (and in what way) the course will count towards their graduation requirements.  Some SON courses have received pre-approval for transfer credit from some Wake Forest Departments.  If a course does not appear below, it will be evaluated by Department Chairs as the need arises.   As new courses are offered, any pre-approvals will be added to this page.  Any course taught by Wake Forest faculty, such as Introduction to Bioethics, by Dr. Carole Browne, will count as Wake Forest credit.

NOTE:  Even if a course is listed below as pre-approved, students still have to get a Departmental signature on the SON Permission Form.

Semester Online Course WFU Department/Program Approved for WFU transfer in as (major elective, minor elective, etc) WFU comparable course, if any
Introduction to Psychology (Washington University) Psychology Introductory Psychology: PSY 151
Psychological and Socio-cultural Perspectives on Health (Brandeis) Psychology None
The War that Never Ends (Boston College) History Elective HST 520
Drugs and Behavior (Emory) Neuroscience Minor Elective
Psychology Major/Minor Elective Psychopharmacology: PSY 322
Power, Politics, and Religion in America (Emory) Religion Major/Minor Elective (“General Course” category) REL 500
Shakespeare and Film (Notre Dame) Interdisciplinary Humanities Elective


Film Studies Minor, Elective COM 500
Environmental and Energy Policies (Washington University) Environmental Studies Minor, Elective ENV 301B
The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: Then and Now (Brandeis) Religion Major, Minor REL Group I (Biblical studies) REL 500