Robin W. Simon

Robin Simon

B.A. – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.A. – Indiana University, Bloomington
Ph.D. – Indiana University, Bloomington

Telephone: (336) 758-3053
Office: 012 Kirby Hall

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My research examines the ways in which macro-level social inequalities, particularly gender inequality in the family and workplace, shape men’s and women’s social roles and relationships, identities and emotions as well as mental and physical health over the life course.  My scholarship has a social psychological or micro-orientation and is situated at the intersection of several substantive areas within sociology, including gender, families, emotion, mental health, medical, culture as well as aging and the life course.  I am presently involved in three research projects.  The first is a National Science Foundation funded study examining cross-national variation in the impact of parenthood on adults’ happiness and health. The second study investigates parental and other social status differences in self-conception, coping resources as well as both mental and physical health over the adult life course. The third project focuses on parental and other social status variations in attitudes about and support for public policies that would assist parents and children in the U.S.

I have received six national awards for my scholarship from the American Sociological Association and the Society for the Study of Social Problems Section for articles that appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces and the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.  I am Chair-Elect of the American Sociological Association’s section on Mental Health,currently serve on the editorial boards of the Journal of Heath and Social Behavior and the Sociology of Mental Health,and am an elected member of both the Sociological Research Association and the American Sociological Associations’ Council on Social Psychology. In addition to teaching Sociology Principles, I teach courses on the sociology of emotion, social psychological perspectives on social inequality, health inequalities as well as gender, social relationships and well-being over the life course.



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SOC 151:  Principles of Sociology
SOC 305: Gender in Society
SOC 327: Sociology of Emotion
SOC 335:  Sociology of Health and Illness
SOC 348: Sociology of the Family
SOC 386:  Social Psychological 
Perspectives on Social Inequality
Sociology of Mental Health 

Health Disparities