Steve Gunkel

Steven E. Gunkel
Associate Teaching Professor

B.A.   Washington State University
M.A.   Washington State University
Ph.D.  Indiana University 

Telephone: (336) 758-5466
Office: 001A Kirby





Steve Gunkel joined the Wake Forest faculty in 2011 after having served as the Director of Criminal Justice and Criminology (sociology) Programs at Greensboro College (2009-2011) and Doane College (1996-2008), respectively. Within this same time frame, and on an intermittent basis, he had the opportunity to offer a wide range of sociology courses at Wake Forest. Dr. Gunkel’s scholarly interests are tied primarily to criminology and social inequality. His two most recent publications (with Ana-Maria Wahl) explore the mobilization of law as it relates to: a) the criminalization of immigration and the human rights issues underlying detention as an enforcement strategy; and b) attempts to curtail labor militancy and activism within the meatpacking industry.  He also recently published three entries in the Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime (2nd Edition): “Bernard L. Madoff”; “Times Beach (Dioxin) Contamination”; and “Insider Trading Sanctions Act (1984).” 

Dr. Gunkel is a member of the recently launched WFU Faculty Fellows Program (FFP). He is partnering with Professors Wahl and Mary Dalton (Communication Studies) to facilitate the transition of first-year students living in Luter Hall to the Wake learning community.



SOC151: Principles of Sociology
SOC152: Social Problems
SOC154: Sociology of Deviant Behavior
SOC271: Social Statistics
SOC272: Research Methods in Sociology
SOC303: Business and Society
SOC338: Sociological Issues in Criminal Justice: Corrections
SOC341: Criminology
SOC342: Juvenile Delinquency
SOC343: Sociology of Law
SOC352: White-Collar Crime
SOC359: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC360: Social Inequality
SOC397: Honors Individual Study