Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is the international sociology honor society. It’s motto is, Anthropon Katamanthanein Diakonesein: “To investigate humanity for the purpose of service.” It was founded in 1920 “for the purposes of stimulating scholarship and promoting the scientific study of religion,” as well as fostering fellowship among sociology students and faculty.

Requirements for membership in the Wake Forest University chapter for students classified as undergraduates are:

  1. Must be an officially declared sociology major or demonstrate a serious interest in sociology within an official program of  the host institution.
  2. Must be at least a junior (third year) by standards of the host institution.
  3. Must have accumulated the equivalent of an overall GPA of 3.2 (by a four point scale where: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0).
  4. Must have maintained the equivalent of a 3.5 GPA in sociology courses taken at the host institution prior to initiation.
  5. Must have completed at least four regular courses in sociology prior to initiation (exclusive of extension or courses graded pass/fail).

Please contact the AKD Advisor, Dr. Catherine Harris, for more information.


Stephanie Albrecht

Andrea Becker

Anne Beirmann

Danielle Cales

Cheyenne Dolbear

Emily Goodman

Ashley Hamati

Kathryn Huggins

Sebastian Ivory

Victoria Koch

Julia Rootenberg

Mackenzie Slater

Mary Stephens


Robin Bleiweis

Sara Brigagliano

Nicole Capobianco

Sarah Clark

Kathryn Gamble

Helen Kemeny

McCauley Mateja

Katherine McCrea

James O’Geary

Jilliann Sexton

Mazella Sloan

Mary Stephens

Cristina Stewart

Brittany Vasquez


Kyle Adams

Blair Bryce

Ann Hollingsworth

Trevor Hunt

Megan Jarrell

Christina Mayse

Courtney McGinness

Carly O’Brien

Katherine Ririe

Samantha Sells

Marshall Shaffer

Victoria Styer

Dianne Uwayo

Rachel VanCamp

Leigh Winters


Andrea Burnett

Shannon Ciprut

Megan Jarrell

Chloe Potash

Victoria Lawson

Victoria Saponara

Joseph Vastola


Danielle Ambrogio

Monica Corrine Berry

Meredith Brewster

Kristen Bryant

Kathryne Doria

Amanda C. Hooker

J’Taime Lyons

David Mangone

Christian Dante Mattia

Ashley Kate Millhouse

Molly Mitzner

Sara Emily Villaverde

Catherine Yoh


Adrienne Elizabeth Alexander

Michel Angelo Balestrino

Daniel Youngsun Chu

Camille Bianca Collier

Leek A. Deng

Molly Jane Fresher

Mary Catherine Grant

Kasey Marie Lanier

Clarie Elizabeth Moll

Kenya Rae Parrish

Ava Natalie Petrash

Andrew Garrison Pinto

Chelsea Elizabeth Ruskoski

Marianne Tyner Simpson

Brittany Jade Studevent

Joanna Patag Villacorta


Jameal Addison

Benny Levi Cooper, Jr.

Amanda M. Eudy

Claire M. Fernandez

Arlyn M. Ilgenfritz

Elizabeth McKinley Kane

Meghan Marie Kelly

Lauren Elizabeth Kulp

Emily Mathews

Andrea E. May

Kristen Olivia McCrorie

Dara Mendelson

Ashley E. Merrill

Mary Ripple

Alexandra B. Rizzi

Madeline M. Simpson

Hall H. Wang

Lauren A. Wright