Meet Our Students

Meet Some of Our Sociology Majors!


Bryce Blair Bryce (’15) is a sociology major with a minor in politics and  international affairs. He became interested in sociology after taking  Principles of Sociology and Contemporary Families during his  sophomore year.  He  spent two weeks volunteering in Kolkata, India  through a service trip  with the Volunteer Service Corps. On campus, he  is a member of the  African Caribbean Student Association, Campus  Kitchen, and is a Fellow with the Institute for Public Engagement. 



Hollingsworth Ann Hollingsworth is a double major in sociology and Spanish. Ann serves on  the leadership team of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and during her time  here  at Wake she has also been involved with the Wesley Foundation, has  worked for  the Wake Forest Fund, and has spent time volunteering for El Buen  Pastor. She  spent one semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain where she studied  the Spanish  language, culture, art, and literature. Ann first became interested in  studying  sociology after taking Principles of Sociology with Dr. Brown, for  whom she now  works as a research assistant. She has a curiosity for the study of  language and  culture, and a passion for the empowerment of women and  minorities that she  seeks to utilize as she pursues a career in the non-profit field.




Megan Jarrell (‘15) is a sociology major with minors in statistics and health policy and administration.  She became interested in sociology after taking an intro course with Dr. Simon.  She was instantly hooked on sociology because of its focus on understanding and solving real world social issuesThe summer before her senior year Megan plans to study abroad in Florence, Italy.  Her campus activities include Alpha Delta Pi, Concert Choir, and Golden Key Honors Society.  She hopes to pursue an MA degree in public health and to pursue a healthcare career in a nonprofit or governmental agency.


Livingston Maeghan Livingston (’15) is a sociology major with a minor in anthropology.  Maeghan chose to become a sociology major to bring her passion to serve  people into an academic setting. She knew that in order to be an effective  catalyst of change, she needed to better understand the various social  dynamics in our world which shape our life experiences. Maeghan is  currently  a NASPA Undergraduate Fellow and aspires to be a influential  professional in  the higher education sector after graduation. Within her  collegiate community,  Maeghan is the president of the Wake Forest  University Gospel Choir, a  resident adviser and a member of Intervarsity.  She also studied abroad at  Casa Artom in Venice, Italy for a semester. 


Mayse Christina Mayse (’15) is a double major in psychology and sociology. After  taking an introductory sociology class with her freshman year, she knew that  sociology was something that she couldn’t get enough of. In tandem with her  psychology major, she feels that sociology has truly opened her critical minds’  eye to see the world through a different lens. For her, sociology classes are the  ones that you leave with a challenged perspective and a mindset to go change  the  world for the better. Currently, she is involved with immigration research  with  Dr. Brown and is pursuing her thesis project on stereotyping through the  Honors  Psychology program. She was recently accepted into the American  Sociological  Association’s Honors Program and presented her research at the    ASA meeting in San Francisco, CA.



McKnight Cherina McKnight (’16) is a Sociology major who hopes to pursue a career in  dentistry. When she came to Wake Forest, she was searching for a major that  really enhanced her interest in helping others within communities. She has  always been big on giving back to her local community and those who have  been less fortunate than her. When taking Principles of Sociology, she was  immediately intrigued by the topic. Sociology not only explains why people are  in certain circumstances but it also suggests a solution to issues within societies.  Sociology has allowed her to interpret and view the world in ways that allow  her to understand the social aspects of society. After graduating she hopes to  have her own practice where she can give back to the community.



 Brittany Vasquez (’15) is a Sociology major with minors in Psychology and  Schools, Education, & Society. This summer she worked as an Organizing  Fellow with Students for Education Reform in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She  worked in the Impact Strategy department under their director of education.  She was able to attend planning meetings, accompany on site visits, and help  with grant review. Additionally, she carried out an independent project  analyzing the effectiveness of reform strategies in six districts. At Wake, she  works with the tutoring program Saturday Academy, SFER, and the Public Engagement Fellows program. 


 Leigh Winters (’15) is a sociology major interested in business and economic  sociology. This summer, she worked for UBS Financial Services in their Wealth  Management division. She was selected to participate in their competitive Graduate  Training Internship Program with a 3% acceptance rate, supporting senior-level  associates of the firm with over 4 million accounts and more than $1 trillion in  assets under management. Leigh reported to the Advisor Marketing Platforms &  Premier Teams, contributing to development of a web platform that enables users to  devise customized marketing and social media strategies. As a member of this team,  she serviced high net-worth and ultra high net-worth clients, with assets under  management exceeding $700 million. She oversaw compilation and analysis of user-  engagement survey results, summarizing and presenting data for  senior associates.  She was recently offered a full time position as an analyst in UBS’ 2015 GTP class.