Outstanding Student Award

Outstanding Student Award

Each year the sociology department faculty chooses a graduating senior sociology major to receive the American Sociological Association’s Departmental Prize for Outstanding Student.  The recipient of this award is recognized for their outstanding academic achievement at the campus-wide May awards ceremony that takes place during Commencement weekend.  The student’s name is placed on the department plaque which is displayed prominently in the Sociology Department.

The following are some of the factors the department considers in selecting the awardee:

  • overall and sociology GPA
  • participation in the Honors Program
  • involvement in class
  • research fellowships or awards
  • reading or publishing papers at conferences
  • graduate/professional school plans


Class of 2017 Winner:  Callie Cleckner

Callie Cleckner is a double major in Sociology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She first became interested in sociology after taking a course with Dr. Soares which introduced her to concepts in social mobility and class stratification. She later broadened her interests in gender after taking a course with Dr. Harnois who later became her mentor and thesis adviser. In the sociology honors program, Callie completed her thesis “Keeping it Classy: Social Strategies for Assimilating to an Assumed Upper Class Status.” In her research, Callie examined the strategies undergraduate students at an elite private university employed in order to enable a sense of belonging at an overwhelmingly wealthy, white institution. After graduation, Callie will be pursuing a Master’s and PhD in sociology at Indiana University.


Previous Winners

Nicole Capobianco (2016)
Dianne Uwayo (2015)
Leigh Winters (2015)
Shannon Ciprut (2014)
Erin Hellman (2014)
Danielle Ambrogio (2014, honorable mention)
Chloe Potash (2014, honorable mention)
Gurdeep Singh (2014, honorable mention)
John Brigagliano (2013)
Christina Bonner (2013, honorable mention)
Lacey McKinney (2013, honorable mention)
Molly Mitzner (2013, honorable mention)
Michael Robinson (2012)
Adrienne Alexander Coronado (2011)
Ava Petrash (2011)
Hannah E. Rothman (2010)
Leek A. Deng (2010)
Jameal Addison (2009)
Jordan Matevich (2009)
Marianne Wilson (2008)
Benny Levi Cooper (2008)
Benjamin T. Sinclair (2007)
Adam D. Abelkop (2007)
Shaughnessy O’Brien (2006)
Anjali Garg (2005)
Larisa Inga Freeburg (2004)
Meredith Anne Carroll (2003)
Tim Kennery (2002)
Jackie Shock (2001)
Carol Cooley (2001)
Amanda Pruitt (2000)
Andrea Morrison (1999)
Staci Schwartz (1998)