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SOC 368:  Sociology of Death and Dying (1.5 credit, half semester course taught by Dr. Gengler)

In this seminar we will examine the social processes involved in death and dying: how we care for those approaching the end of life, how we manage death both medically and interpersonally, and the rituals we turn to in the aftermath of grief. Approaching these questions from a sociological perspective, we will consider how social norms, social institutions, and social contexts structure this fundamental life experience. Our course readings, films, guest speakers, and class discussions are designed to help you think critically about the end of life realities that many healthcare careers will require you to face regularly, and which we will all confront personally at times throughout our lives. You should expect this course, then, to be both intellectually and emotionally challenging and rewarding. We will all work to support one another as we wade through these difficult topics. Please think seriously, though, about whether this is the right time for you to do so. Drop me a note or come speak with me if you are at all uncertain. If you have lost a loved in during the past year, you should plan to take this course in a future semester.


SOC 384:  Sociology of Guns (Dr. Yamane)

This course explores the multifaceted role guns play in the U.S. from a sociological perspective.  From a firm foundation of understanding the history and technology of firearms, the course will focus on a range of topics, including: the prevalence and distribution of guns, attitudes and opinions about gun ownership, lawful possession and use of firearms, and more.  This course counts toward the Crime and Criminal Justice Concentration in the Sociology major.  Permission of instructor (POI) is required for the course.