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 Sociology 366: Sociological Analysis of Film (Dr. Breckenridge)

This course is a review of how sociologists and other social scientists have examined cinema. It includes discussion of the industrial production of culture (e.g. movies), the labor associated with art (e.g. acting and cinematography), and the social construction of genre, among a range of other topics associated with economic and cultural sociology. Embedded within the course is a discussion of film history, film criticism, and the role of film in the development of US and international societies, cultures, and economies. The course is organized in a seminar style with in-class time focused on discussion of assigned readings and movies, as opposed to extensive lectures or viewing the movies. In the Fall 2014 semester, the course will attend primarily to films of the American South, including classics and b-movies, from the 1930s through the 21st century, and fitting within the realms of crime films, historical dramas, action/adventures, and romances. This course fulfills credit for the Sociology Major and Minor, the Business and Society Concentration within the Sociology Major, and the Film Studies Minor.