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Some of our courses for the upcoming semester include:


Sociology 384:  Sociology of Guns (Yamane) – Course Flyer and POI

PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR is required to enroll.  See the linked form above for instructions.

Guns often have a spectacular presence in the American imagination, from George Zimmerman to Sandy Hook Elementary to the American sniper Chris Kyle. But guns are also a part of everyday life in communities across the United States. They are used as tools of criminal violence and self-defense, and are one of the mostly commonly owned pieces of sporting equipment in the country.

Clearly, guns are an important part of American society and culture. With more than 300,000,000 guns held by private citizens and a Constitutional amendment associated with gun ownership, the possession, regulation, meaning, and use of firearms reaches into important realms of American society, including: civil rights and liberties, identity and culture, crime and violence, public health and personal safety, and even sport and leisure.

This course explores the multifaceted role guns play in the U.S. from a sociological perspective. From a firm foundation of understanding the history and technology of firearms, as well as the historical and constitutional origins of the 2nd Amendment, the course will focus on a range of topics, including: the prevalence and distribution of guns; attitudes and opinions about gun ownership; lawful possession and use of firearms; illegal and legal gun markets; gun crime and injuries; and the varieties of responses to gun injuries and crime.


Sociology 390A:  Introduction to Gerontology (Marson)

Within a sociological framework, this course introduces students to the perspective of gerontology as an applied and interdisciplinary field of study.   Students receive a survey of the various applied arenas in which those with a specialty in gerontology can pursue for employment.   A survey of research methods particularly applicable for the study of aging are reviewed.   Current issues and trends in contemporary applied gerontology are introduced.


Sample Syllabi for Select Courses

The following are syllabi for some of the recently taught courses in the department.  These syllabi illustrate the general themes likely to be covered in these courses, but readings and assignments will vary by semester.

Soc 151:  Principles of Sociology (Brown)

Soc 151:  Principles of Sociology (Yamane)

Soc 270:  Sociological Theory (Yamane)

Soc 301:  Sociology of Religion (Yamane)

Soc 327:  Sociology of Emotions (Simon)

Soc 334:  Sociology of Education (Soares)

Soc 359:  Race and Ethnic Relations (Brown)

Soc 360:  Social Inequality (Brown)

Soc 363:  Global Capitalism (Taplin)

Soc 364:  Political Sociology (Brown, general overview)

Soc 364:  Political Sociology (Brown, focus on civil rights)

Soc 365:  Technology, Culture, and Change (Taplin)

Soc 381:  Sociology of Gender, Social Relationships and Well-Being Over the Life Course (Simon)

Soc 381a:  Social Psychological Perspectives on Social Inequality (Simon)

Soc 383a:  Health Disparities (Simon)

Soc 384:  Sociology of Guns (Yamane)