Honors in Sociology

Honors in Sociology

Congratulations to our 2017 sociology honors graduates:

Callie Cleckner, Mackenzie Slater and Imogen Jenkins

See below for information on their honors theses and to learn more about honors in sociology.


2017 Honors Theses

Callie Cleckner, “Keeping it Classy: Social Strategies for Assimilating to an Assumed Upper Class Status”

Mackenzie Slater, “Nasty Woman: The Portrayal of Women’s Issues in the 2016 Presidential Campaigns”

Imogen Jenkins, “Social Construction of Sexual Identity in Dating Markets: Self and Desired Partner Characteristics Man-Seeking -Man Craigslist Advertisements


Interested in Honors?

The Sociology Honors Program can serve as the culmination of the major in sociology at Wake Forest University. This program is centrally organized around the pursuit of a formal independent research project with a faculty advisor. This honors thesis typically either involves data collection and analysis or analysis of existing data and is developed to answer a fundamentally sociological question. Successful completion of the program will result in graduation “with honors” from Wake Forest University. This identifies you as someone having completed an honors thesis and can signal to future graduate school programs or prospective employers that you are an extra-ordinary person, capable of independent research, critical thinking, and clear writing at a professional level.

Only majors with a WFU GPA of 3.30 or higher, and a GPA in sociology of at least 3.5 may join the program.  Anyone interested in pursuing the honors program should contact the director as soon as possible by email.  No one can register for the program without the director’s permission.  Honors counts as one regular three-credit-hours course in each semester of the senior year. In the fall, SOC 373 is a regular course taught by the director where all members of the program work to hone their projects and general research skills, and in the Spring, SOC 397 is an Honors Independent Study where students complete the project, working with their key faculty advisor.

Each spring semester, all the juniors (rising seniors) who are eligible for the program will be notified and provided with an opportunity to meet and discuss the program with the director prior to enrolling in the program.

Honors Program Outline

Honors Program Portfolio Format