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Welcome to Wake Forest College

At the heart of Wake Forest University is the College’s rich liberal arts core. Surrounding the college are the graduate and professional schools, each with its own distinctive program. Wake Forest functions as a Collegiate University, a community where scholars, both faculty and students, habitually cross the boundaries of their particular disciplines, schools, and programs to engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary work. We teach one another—students, college faculty—because we are small enough to know one another, excited by our research and our teaching; we are members of a community that prizes collaboration and appreciates difference.

About the College

Wake Forest College began as a manual labor institute in 1834, with an initial class of just 16 young men. Today, 177 years later, over 4600 undergraduates and a faculty of over 450 comprise the cornerstone of our collegiate university, Wake Forest College. Wake Forest remains dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of education and to preparing our students for life in a challenging, global environment.

WAKE Washington

Since Wake Forest’s affiliation with The Washington Center in 2006, 146 Wake Forest students, including three post-graduates, have been selected to participate in semester-long or summer internships in their specific areas of academic interest or career exploration. The experience of living, learning, and interning in the Washington, DC area has been described by previous students as “life changing”, “challenging”, and “personally and professionally rewarding”.

Student Life

Campus Life at Wake Forest represents a journey that seeks to engage students in experiences that broaden the mind, strengthen the body, and inspire the spirit. Opportunities for such experiences abound at Wake Forest. In collaboration with student leaders the offices of student life aim to enrich the lives of students through meaningful engagement in student organizations, service learning, campus activities, community and civic engagement, recreation, and leadership development.

Study Abroad

From the jungles of Vietnam and the plains of Africa to the ancient ruins of Greece and the galleries of Paris, more than 60 percent of Wake Forest undergraduates study abroad. More than 400 options are available through University-administered and affiliate programs in more than 200 cities and 70 countries worldwide.

New Student Information

It’s new, exciting, and somewhat anxiety-inducing, and it starts right now. Never forget to enjoy every minute of it. You’ve arrived. Slap on the bumper sticker. Wear the t-shirt. Lose yourself in school spirit. You might not know them yet, but you’re among friends.

Undergraduate Admissions Office 

Wake Forest is the nation’s premier collegiate university, balancing the personal attention of a small liberal arts college with the breadth and depth of a large research university.  Wake Forest’s relatively small size – less than 5,000 undergraduates – enables the University to create rich interdisciplinary programs within and across all programs of study.

Financial Aid

Since its creation in 1834 as a small liberal arts college in eastern North Carolina, Wake Forest has been educating students from all walks of life. Many of the early students came from the region’s small towns and farms, rich in faith and community but poor in hard currency. After the Civil War, most southern families had even less money, and finding a way to pay for college was a huge challenge. 

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