Wake Forest University Summer School 2016

Summer planning is now a high priority for many Wake Forest students as well as students visiting from other colleges and universities. The academic summer session at Wake Forest offers a significant opportunity to accrue credits toward graduation on the Reynolda Campus as well as in one of several courses offered abroad. These experiences will be offered between May 24-June 30 (Session 1) and July 6-August 11 (Session 2).Why might YOU consider attending one or both summer terms?

Fewer Courses lead to Enhanced Learning

  • Students typically enroll for no more than 2 courses in a given summer term; with fewer classes which meet more often (5 or 6 times per week) the focus upon and retention of learning is enhanced.

Closer Student/Faculty Interactions

  • In most cases, summer courses enroll fewer students per section than would be the case in the fall or spring; this further encourages interactions between students and their faculty.

Study Abroad Programs are Available

  • For those students whose commitments make it difficult to consider a semester-long study abroad program, the summer session’s international offerings provide many venues among which you may choose.

Summer Credit Creates New Opportunities

  • Hours completed in the summer terms, with their attendant direct impact on students’ grade point averages, can create the space needed in a student’s curriculum for a semester-long internship or for being engaged with a faculty member in an on-going research project. You may want to consider an online course. http://college.wfu.edu/summer/courses/online-courses

New Students are Welcomed

  • First year students, entering in the fall term of 2016, may attend the summer session to earn WF credit and become acclimated to the campus learning environment.

High School Student Opportunities

  • Current high school students, with the permission of their principal or headmaster/mistress, may enroll for many of our regular classes, thereby earning credit which can be part of their future academic degree programs.

Special Courses Offered

  • The summer session offers a number of special courses such as the Summer Management Program, the Intensive Spanish Language Institute (ISLI) which immerses students in the language, and numerous study abroad opportunities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and other locales.

Teacher Recertification Offered

  • The summer session offers the possibility for public and private school teachers to work toward recertification and continuing education credit.

Top Quality Academic Program

  • The combination of the quality of our undergraduate programs with a favorable fee structure make the summer session at Wake Forest a serious post-spring term option for 2016.
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