This is ISLI the Best Decision I’ve Made All Year!

Testimonial by Ann Hollingsworth

Ann HollingsworthIntensive Summer Language Institute:  the name says it all.  To register for ISLI, the student must have a passion for either learning the language (Spanish in my case), or for finishing the famous language requirement here at Wake.  Attending class for 6+ hours every day can be taxing, but also very rewarding.  As a potential Spanish minor, I have found the program to be very fulfilling in terms of hands-on experience with the material and sheer bulk of grammar and vocabulary that really sinks in after only five weeks of intensive study, as opposed to a regular semester courses.  For non-major/minor students it may require more discipline to endure that much Spanish in one day, but I believe every ISLI student would vouch for the program’s efficiency and worth.  If language is not your thing, ISLI is great because students are tested on the material before they’ve had a chance to forget it.  This is especially important for Spanish because often times when nearing the final exam, students have difficulty remembering the verb tenses they cover at the beginning of the class.  The classes are small (mine had 11 students) and you are with those same students all day and work with separate professors for 153 and 213.  My class had such a great bond by the end of the term!  The relationships and memories formed with classmates through this program are just as important and the academic credit earned.  Everything about this program supports students who wish to excel in Spanish and boost their GPA.  With few distractions during the summer and no other courses demanding attention, every student has the opportunity to perform well!

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