ISLI Summer Program

Testimonial by Blitz Hoppe

Blitz HoppeAs an elementary and high school student, I really enjoyed my Spanish classes.  Unfortunately, I was not able to take any Spanish my senior year in high school because my schedule was too full.  I enrolled in Wake Forest’s Intensive Spanish Language Institute (ISLI) for two reasons. First, I wanted to refresh my language skills as I was considering a major in Spanish.  Second, having just graduated from high school, I wanted to know if I was ready for college-level work.  I enjoyed everything about the ISLI program–the faculty, the classes, the other students in the program.  It is definitely a top-notch program.  The faculty really engaged me and challenged me to learn the material and improve my speaking skills.  Senora Turner’s enthusiasm for the program was evident and she created an atmosphere that really motivated me.  The program was intense, thorough, and fun!

I am now a sophomore Spanish major at Texas Christian University. Clearly, the foundation I received in the ISLI program was hugely beneficial.  Last year, I received the Faculty Appreciation Award for contributions in my Spanish oral communications class and my writing in Spanish class.  I spent the first part of this summer in Salamanca, Spain, staying with a host family and taking classes at the local university. The experience was priceless and I owe a lot of my success to the ISLI program.  I hope to return to Wake Forest after I graduate from college as I want to pursue the MA in Interpreting and Translation.  The ISLI experience affirmed my love for the language and I am hopeful that I can pursue the masters and someday use my Spanish skills in a healthcare setting.


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