Charlotte Summer Courses

Dates for this program are June 2 through June 27 (final exam is on June 27)

For Registration please come to room 126 Reynolda Hall (Office of Summer Session)

For non WFU students please submit application found here:



100. Introduction to Communication and Rhetoric. (3) Introduction to the theories, research, and analysis of verbal and nonverbal processes by which human beings share meanings and influence one another. (D)

     First Term (50664)/9:00-10:55 TBA Krcmar

314.  Media Effects. (3) Theorectical approaches to the role of communication in reaching mass audiences and its relationship to other levels of communication.

            First Term (50665)/11:00-12:55 TBA Krcmar


185. Studies in Global Literature. (3) Emphasis on important writers representing different periods and genres; primarily discussion; writing intensive.  P – WRI 111 or exemption from WRI 111. (D)

             First Term (50666)/11:00-12:55 TBA Raynor

371, 671. American Ethnic Literature. (3, 3) Introduction to the field of American ethnic literature, with special emphasis on post-World War II formations of ethnic culture:  Asian American, Native American, African American, Latino, and Jewish American.  Highlights issues, themes, and stylistic innovations particular to each ethnic group and examines currents in the still-developing American culture. (CD, D)

             First Term (50667)/1:00-2:55 TBA Raynor


260. Social Psychology. (3) Surveys in the field, including theories of social behavior, interpersonal attraction, attitudes and attitude change, and group behavior.  P-PSY 151 or POI.  (D)

             First Term (50668)/9:00-10:55 TBA Petrocelli

364. Stereotyping and Prejudice. (3) Theoretical and empirical examination of processes underlying prejudice, discrimination, and recism.  P-PSY 151 (CD,D)

       First Term (50669)/1:00-2:55) TBA Seta Cancelled 5-5-14




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