Summer School 2014 – Courses of Instruction

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Course Listing Changes and Deletions


ECN 205. Intermediate Microeconomics I. (3) Development of demand and supply analysis, neo-classical theory of household and firm behavior, and alternative market structures. P—ECN 150 and MTH 111 or 112. (D)

First Term (50002)/10:50-12:05 CARS 101 Garces Cancelled 1-23-14

ESE 101. Foundations of Entrepreneurship. (3) Addresses the challenges of creating and sustaining organizations in today’s global environment. Provides an overview of the role and importance of entrepreneurship in the global economy and in society. Examines how individuals use entrepreneurial skills to craft innovative responses to societal needs. Also listed as BUS 113. (BUS 113 does not count towards a business school major.)

    Second Term (50207)/9:25-10:40 TBA ARR Ceneviva

WFU/Indonesia and the Netherlands – Ramadan Observed – REL 390.  Study Ramadan in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world for three weeks and then travel to Amersterdam for two weeks where Muslims are a minority.  Nelly van Doorn-Harder, Religion:  Summer 2. July – August. Cancelled 3-17-14

WFU/Morocco – Arabic and French Language Studies (REL 362 + 6hrs of Arabic or French)
Take intensive Arabic or French through the Arabic Language Institute in Fez.  An additional class will be taught by a WFU professor for a total of 9 hours.  Cultural immersion through homestays.  Darlene May, Religion: .  Summer Session I.  Cancelled 3-28-14 


Charlotte Campus added for first term 2014

COM 113. Relational Communication. (3) Introduction to relational communication theory, research, and principles. (D)

               First Term (50698)/9:25-10:40 CARS 102 Giles



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