Summer School 2014 – Courses of Instruction

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Course Listing Changes and Deletions


ART 119.Introduction to Photography. (3) Introduces black and white photography with a brief introduction to digital imaging.  Technical information serves the goal of understanding contemporary aesthetic and ctitical issues.   (D)  Fee:  $125.00.

                First Term (50650)/9:00 – 12:00 SFAC  7  Willner Cancelled 5-5-14


COM 246. Itnroduction to Film. (3) Introduction to the aesthetics of motion pictures through a study of the basic elements of film such as cinematography, editing, sound, lighting, and color. (D)

               First Term (50133)/10:50-12:05 CARS 005 Jarrett Cancelled 5-5-14

EAL 285.  Contemporary East Asian Cinema. (3) Examines the depiction of the cultural landscape of contemporary East Asia and the development of a transnational imaginry in recent works of Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean film.  Direcotors include Wong Kar-Wai, Kore-eda Hirokazu, Park Chan-Wook and many others. (CD)

             First Term (50655)/M W F 2:00-4:00 CARS 014 Rodekohr  Cancelled 5-8-14

ECN 205. Intermediate Microeconomics I. (3) Development of demand and supply analysis, neo-classical theory of household and firm behavior, and alternative market structures. P—ECN 150 and MTH 111 or 112. (D)

First Term (50002)/10:50-12:05 CARS 101 Garces Cancelled 1-23-14

ENG 175. Studies in American Literature. (3) Emphasis on important writers representing different periods:  primarily discussion; writing intensive. P-ENG 111 or exemption from ENG 111. (D)

               First Term (50564)/12:15-1:30 TRIB A204 Rapaport Cancelled 5-5- 14

                 First Term (50081)/9:25-10:40 TRIB A201 Maine Cancelled 5-7-14               

ENG 302C, 602. Psychology and Literature.(3, 3) Study ofsignificant literary theme in selected works. May be repeated once for credit. (D)

                First Term (50584, 50585)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A204 Rapaport  Cancelled 5-5-14

ENG 371, 671. American Ethnic Literature. (3, 3) Introduction to the field of American ethnic literature, with special emphasis on post-World War II formations of ethnic culture:  Asian American, Native American, African American, Latino, and Jewish American.  Highlights issues, themes, and stylistic innovations particular to each ethnic group and examines currents in the still-developing American culture. (CD, D)

                  First Term(50567, 50571)/9:25-10:40 TRIB A203 Franco Cancelled 5-7-14

ENG 382,682.  Modern American Fiction 1915 to 1965. (3, 3) Includes such writers as Stein, Lewis, Anderson, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Dos Passos, Wolfe, Wright, Ellison, Agee, O’Connor, and Pynchon.  (D)

                   First Term (50086, 50090)/12:15-1:30 TRIB A201 Maine Cancelled 5-7-14

ESE 101. Foundations of Entrepreneurship. (3) Addresses the challenges of creating and sustaining organizations in today’s global environment. Provides an overview of the role and importance of entrepreneurship in the global economy and in society. Examines how individuals use entrepreneurial skills to craft innovative responses to societal needs. Also listed as BUS 113. (BUS 113 does not count towards a business school major.)

    Second Term (50207)/9:25-10:40 TBA ARR Ceneviva

GER 113. Intensive Elementary German. (3) One semester course covering the material of GER 111 and 112.  For students whose preparation for GER 153 is inadequate or who have demostrated proficiency in another language.  Not open to students who have had GER 111 or 112.

            First Term (50639)/10:50-12:05 GRNE 341 Knight Cancelled 5-7-14

HST 102. Europe and the World in the Modern Era. (3) Survey of modern Europe from 1700 to the present. Focus varies with instructor. Credit cannot be received for both 101 and 103, or 102 and 104. (CD, D)

First Term   (50587)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A102 Rupp Cancelled 5-5-14

PHI 114. Philosophy of Human Nature. (3) Study of selected topics bearing on human nature, such as free will and determinism, the the relation of mind and body, personal idenity and personhood, and immortality.  (D)

            First Term A.(50634)/9:25-10:40 TRIB A306 Toner    Cancelled – 5-5-14        

POL 116. International Politics. (3) Survey of the forces which shape the relations among states and some of the major problems of contemporary international politics. (CD, D)

First Term (50004)/9:25-10:40 KRBY 109 Walldorf  Cancelled 5-5-14

PSY 151. Introductory Psychology. (3) A systematic survey of psychology as the scientific study of behavior. Prerequisite to all other courses in psychology. (D)

First Term (50576)/12:15-1:30 GRNE 313 Schirillo  Cancelled 5-7-14

THE 140. Acting I. (3) Fundamental acting theory and techniques including exercises, monologues, and scene work.

     First Term (50598)/10:50-12:05 SFAC 134 Andrews Cancelled 5-7-14


WFU/Indonesia and the Netherlands – Ramadan Observed – REL 390.  Study Ramadan in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world for three weeks and then travel to Amersterdam for two weeks where Muslims are a minority.  Nelly van Doorn-Harder, Religion:  Summer 2. July – August. Cancelled 3-17-14

WFU/Morocco – Arabic and French Language Studies (REL 362 + 6hrs of Arabic or French)
Take intensive Arabic or French through the Arabic Language Institute in Fez.  An additional class will be taught by a WFU professor for a total of 9 hours.  Cultural immersion through homestays.  Darlene May, Religion: .  Summer Session I.  Cancelled 3-28-14 


Charlotte Campus added for first term 2014

COM 113. Relational Communication. (3) Introduction to relational communication theory, research, and principles. (D)

               First Term (50698)/9:25-10:40 CARS 102 Giles

COM 246. Itnroduction to Film. (3) Introduction to the aesthetics of motion pictures through a study of the basic elements of film such as cinematography, editing, sound, lighting, and color. (D)

               Second Term (50778)/9:25-10:40 CARS 301 Jarrett


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