Summer School 2014

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Departments D-F


122. Special Topics:  Hip Hop Dance. (2)

           Second Term (50052)/TWR 9:25-10:40 SFAC  D101 Yarborough

           Second Term (50051)/TWR 10:50-12:05 SFAC D101 Yarborough

202. History of Dance. (3) Surveys the development of dance as a performing art from the Renaissance to the present with an emphasis on scope, style, and function. (D)

           Second Term (50053)/09:25-10:40 SFAC 102 Lucas


East Asian Languages and Cultures

285.  Contemporary East Asian Cinema. (3) Examines the depiction of the cultural landscape of contemporary East Asia and the development of a transnational imaginry in recent works of Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean film.  Direcotors include Wong Kar-Wai, Kore-eda Hirokazu, Park Chan-Wook and many others. (CD)

             First Term (50655)/M W F 2:00-4:00 CARS 014 Rodekohr  Cancelled 5-8-14


150. Introduction to Economics. (3) Survey of micro and macroeconomic principles. Introduction to basic concepts, characteristic data and trends, and some analytic techniques. Preference in enrollment is given to students with sophomore or upper class standing. (D)

   First Term (50689)/10:50-12:05 KRBY 103 Whaples

   Second Term (50682)/9:25-10:40 KRBY 103 McFall 





201. Education Policy and Practice. (3) Philosophical, historical, and sociological foundations of education, including analysis of contemporary accountability systems. (CD, D)

               First Term (50614)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A206 Mulcahy

707. Education Policy and Practice (3)

      June 2 – 27 (50877)/1:00-3:00 TRIB B216 Mulcahy

712. Learning and Cognitive Science. (3)

     July 8 – August 1 (50064)/2:00-4:00 TRIB B216 Sakkal

716A. Professional Growth Seminar. (3) POI.

      June 2-27 (50066)/TBA TRIBARR McCoy

716B. Professional Growth Seminar. (3) POI.

      June 2-27 (50067)/TBA TRIBARR Redmond

716D. Professional Growth Seminar. (3) POI.

                 June 2-27 (50069)/TBA TRIBARR Friedman

716E. Professional Growth Seminar. (3) POI.

                 June 2-27 (50070)/TBA TRIBARR Brown

721. Educational Research. (3) POI.

      June 2-27 (50071)/10:00-12:00 TRIB B216 McCoy

730L. Service Learning: Tutoring. (1) P—POI.

      June 2-27 (50072)/TBA TRIB ARR McCoy

758. Studies in Educational Leadership. (2)

      June 2-27 (50073)/1:00-3:00TRIB A205 Brown

764. Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction. (3)

       July 8-Aug.1 (50077)/10:00-12:00 TRIB A207 Milner

764. Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction. (3)

       July 8-Aug. 1 (50078)/9:00-12:00 TRIB A11 Staff

764. Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction. (3)

      July 8-Aug. 1 (50602)/TBA TRIB ARR Baldwin

787T. Teaching Advanced Placement. (3) (MTA)

       June 16-20 (50074)/8:00-3:30 TRIB ARR Milner

788. Teaching for Language in Elementary. (2)

                 June 23- 27 (50601)/9:00-12:00 TRIB ARR Redmond  





WRI 107. Foundations in Academic Research and Writing. (3) Introduction to college-level writing through sequenced writing assignments that will guide students through the writing processes.  Does not satisfy the basic college writing requirement. Pass/Fail Only

            Second Term (50581)/9:25-10:40  TBA TBA TBA

150 A,B. Literature Interprets the World. (3) Introduction to ways literary artists shape experience, focusing on one topic or selected topics; primarily discussion; writing intensive. P—ENG 111 or exemption from ENG 111. (D)

    First Term A-(50565)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A203 Franco
B-(50670)/12:15-1:30 TRIB A203 Hena

    Second Term B—(50091)/9:25-10:40 TRIB A202 Wilson
C – (5066)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A203 Still


165. Studies in British Literature. (3) Emphasis on important writers representing different periods and genres; primarily discussion; writing intensive. P—ENG 111 or exemption from ENG 111. (D)

    First Term (50080)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A202 Holdridge

175. Studies in American Literature. (3) Emphasis on important writers representing different periods:  primarily discussion; writing intensive. P-ENG 111 or exemption from ENG 111. (D)

               First Term (50081)/9:25-10:40 TRIB A201 Maine Cancelled 5-7-14
               First Term (50564)/12:15-1:30 TRIB A204 Rapaport Cancelled 5-5- 14

               Second Term (50092)/12:15-1:30 TRIB A201 Madera

302C, 602. Psychology and Literature.(3, 3) Study ofsignificant literary theme in selected works. May be repeated once for credit. (D)

                First Term (50584, 50585)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A204 Rapaport  Cancelled 5-5-14

323, 623. Shakespeare. (3, 3) Thirteen representative plays illustrating Shakespeare’s development as a poet and dramatist. Fulfills pre- 1800 British literature requirement. Also listed as THE 323.  (D)

      Second Term (50084, 50088)/12:15-1:30 TRIB  A202 Hogan

341C, 641. Literature and the Environment. (3, 3) Studies of the relationship between environmental experience and literary representation. Credit allowed for only one version of 341, 341g, 341h, or 341c. (D)

      Second Term (50582, 50583)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A201 Madera

351, 651. Studies in Romanticism. (3, 3) Selected topics in European and/or American Romanticism with a focus on comparative, interdisciplinary, and theoretical approaches to literature. (D)

                 First Term (50568, 50572)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A201 Way

371, 671. American Ethnic Literature. (3, 3) Introduction to the field of American ethnic literature, with special emphasis on post-World War II formations of ethnic culture:  Asian American, Native American, African American, Latino, and Jewish American.  Highlights issues, themes, and stylistic innovations particular to each ethnic group and examines currents in the still-developing American culture. (CD, D)

                  First Term(50567, 50571)/9:25-10:40 TRIB A203 Franco Cancelled 5-7-14

382,682.  Modern American Fiction 1915 to 1965. (3, 3) Includes such writers as Stein, Lewis, Anderson, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Dos Passos, Wolfe, Wright, Ellison, Agee, O’Connor, and Pynchon.  (D)

                   First Term (50086, 50090)/12:15-1:30 TRIB A201 Maine Cancelled 5-7-14

386, 686. Directed Reading. (1.5, 3,3)

                  First Term (50424, 50523)/TBA TBA TBA

387,687. African-American Fiction. (3, 3) Selected topics in the development of fiction be American writers of African descent.  Also listed as AES 387.  (CD, D) 

                 Second Term (50569, 50570)/9:25-10:40 TRIB A203  Still


Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

100. Creativity & Innovation. (3) Interactive seminar introduces students to reading and processes from various disciplines that elucidate the interdisciplinary nature of creativity and enable students to create conditions that stimulate it. Projects and assignments are designed to encourage a “critical creativity” that challenges participants through inquiry, multi-faceted exploration and strategic development. Topics examined through writing and design assignments, group projects, and discussions include consciousness, receptivity, risk, ethics, self agency, and social engagement with the express objective of fostering creative potential and its application in all areas of experience.

    First Term (50203) 10:50-12:05 TBA ARR Detter

    Second Term (50206) 10:50-12:05 TBA ARR Detter


310. WFU/Berlin:  Arts E-ship.   Exciting and Immersive course is designed to give students hands-on experience exploring the dynamic world of arts entrepreneuship at a local and global level.  After 2 weeks at Wake, we’ll spend 2 weeks in Berlin, experiencing one of the leading edge cities in the world and the social role that arts and entrepremeurship is playing.  We will investigate all of the arts, including new art forms and technologies and explore the ways in which artist shape lives, cities, economies, and futures.  You do not have to be an artist or entrepremeur!  By exploring entrepreneurship through the lens of art, we will learn what it means to become creative change agents in a 21st century global landscape.  Entreprenurship: Summer Session 2.  July 8 – August 2.

321. Entrepreneurship and the Humanities:  Innovation, Public Engagement, and Social Change. (3) Introduction to the role played by the humanities in social entrepreneurship, exploring the premise that norms can be developed for the application of the humanities, and that the knowledge derived in this process can empower and be a tool in community-based engagement and social change.  Course includes a social entrepreneurial project in the local community.  Also listed as HMN 295.

               First Term (50652)/9:25-10:40 TBA ARR Phillips


391. Independent Study in Entrepreneurship. (3) An independent project involving entrepreneurship or social enterprise carried out under the supervision of the faculty member. P—POI.

    First Term (xxxxx)/TBA Staff

    Second Term (xxxxx)/TBA Staff



212. Exploring the French and Francophone World. (3) Explores significant cultural expressions from the French and francophone world. Emphasizes both the development of competence in speaking, reading and writing French, and understanding how particular French-speaking societies have defined themselves. P—FRH 153 or equivalent.

   First Term (50248)/Tours Anthony

   Travel Dates:  May xx-July x

216. Studies in French and Francophone Literature and Culture. (3) Study of the ways in which various aspects of French and francophone cultures appear in different literary genres over certain periods of time. Emphasis is on reading and discussion of selected representative texts. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Required for major. P—FRH 212, 213, or 214; or POI. (CD)

    First Term (50249)/Tours Anthony

    Travel Dates:  May xx-July x

675. Special Topics. (3)

                 Second Term (50298)/TBA  Anthony          



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