Summer School 2014

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150. Introduction to Linguistics. (3) The social phenomenon of language: how it originated and developed, how it is learned and used, its relationship to other kinds of behavior; types of language (oral, written, signed) and language families; analysis of linguistic data; and social issues of language use.  Also listed as ANT 150. (CD)

              First Term (50162)/10:50-12:05 TRIB A305 Bender- Not offered 2014

Master of Liberal Studies Has Not Been Updated for 2014

786. Directed Study. (1-3) Working with a faculty advisor, the student completes a special reading project in an area not covered in regular courses or a special research project not related to the master’s thesis. A student who wishes to enroll must complete the Directed Study Form and submit it to the program director with his or her advisor’s signature. May be repeated once for credit with the permission of the program director.

First Term (xxxxx) Staff

Second Term (xxxxx) Staff

791. Thesis Research. (3)

First Term (xxxxx) Staff

Second Term (xxxxx) Staff

741. Music and Political Power. (3)

            Second Term (xxxxx)/TBA

826. The Digital World. (3)

First Term (xxxxx)/TBA



Master of Divinity Program - Not updated for 2014

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is a 90 credit-hour program that joins academic and professional preparation for ministry. The standard time for completion of the program is three academic years. Full-time student status is at least nine credit hours per semester. The MDiv is a graduate degree. Completion of a bachelor’s degree is required prior to admission. For more information, call 336.758.5121 or 3748.

Biblical Studies

501, 502. Elementary Hebrew I and II. (3,3)

First Term (50293)/ TBA TBA Moyer

Second Term (50294)/ TBA TBA Moyer


Theological Studies

790. Christian Encounters with Hinduism. (3)

Second Term (50303)/1:40-2:55 WING TBA Vos Roberts



105L. Fundamentals of Algebra and Trigonometry Lab. (1) A review of the essentials of algebra and trigonometry in a guided laboratory setting. Admission by permission only. Not to be counted towards any major or minor offered by the mathematics department. Pass/Fail only.

First Term (50036)/TBA Connolly

Second Term (50042)/TBA Connolly


109. Elementary Probability and Statistics. (4) Probability and distribution functions, means and variances, and sampling distributions. Laboratory— 1 hour. (D, QR)

First Term

(50038)/10:50-12:05 MANC 020 Norris

MR 1:40-2:40 MANC 020 Norris

Second Term

(50043)/1:40-2:40 MANC 020 Berenhaut

MR 3:00-4:00 MANC 020 Berenhaut

111. Calculus with Analytic Geometry I. (4) Functions, trigonometric functions, limits, continuity, differentiation, applications of derivatives, introduction to integration, the fundamental theorem of calculus. (D, QR)

First Term

(50039)/1:40-2:55 MANC 016 Howards

MR 10:50-11:50 MANC 016 Howards

(50039)/9:25-10:40 MANC 018 Mastin

MR 12:15-1:15 MANC 018 Mastin

Second Term

(50544)/9:25-10:40 MANC 124 Allen

M R 12:15-1:15 MANC 124 Allen

(50540)/10:50-12:05 MANC 125 Robinson

M R 01:40-02:40 MANC 125 Robinson

112. Calculus with Analytic Geometry II. (4) Techniques of integration, indeterminate forms, improper integrals, transcendental functions, sequences, Taylor’s formula, and infinite series, including power series. (D, QR)

First Term

(50040)/9:25-10:40 MANC 016  Howards

MR 12:15-1:15 MANC 016

Second Term

(50046)/9:25-10:40 MANC 121 Jiang

MR 12:15-1:15 MANC 121

117. Discrete Mathematics. (4) Introduction to various topics in discrete mathematics applicable to computer science including sets, relations, Boolean alegebra, propositional logic, functions, computability, proof techniques, graph theory, and elementary combinatorics.

            Second Term

           (50047)/9:25-10:40 MANC 124 Erhardt

            MR 12:15-1:15 MANC 124 Erhardt

121. Linear Alegebra I. (3) Vectors and vector spaces, linear transformations and matrices, detminants, eigenvalues. Credit not allowed for both 121 and 205. (D, QR)

            First Term

            (50539)/9:25-10:40 MANC 018 Robinson

            M R 12:15-1:15 MANC 018 Robinson

383, 661.  Selected Topics (1-3)

             Second Term

              (50541, 50542)/9:25-10:40 MANC 125 Robinson

354, 654. Discrete Dynamical Systems. (3) Introduction to the theory of discrete dynamical systems as applied to disciplines such as biology and economics. Includes methods for finding explicit solutions, equilibrium and stability analysis, phase plane analysis, analysis of Markov chains, and bifurcation theory. P—MTH 112 and 121. (D)

Second Term (xxxxx, xxxxx)/TBA – Not Offered 2015




101. Introduction to Western Music. (3) Basic theoretical concepts and musical terminology. Survey of musical styles, composers, and selected works from the Middle Ages through the present day. Satisfies the Division III requirement. May not count toward the majors or minor in music. (D)

      Second Term (50147)/9:25-10:40 SFAC M306 Kairoff

203. Jazz (3) Survey of American jazz from its origin to the present. (CD, D) Satisfies the Division III requirement and the Cultural Diversity requirement.  May also count toward music major/minor elective credit and AES minor.

                 First Term (50651)/9:25-10:40 SFAC M306 Carrasco





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